Why choose the WhistleB whistleblowing solution?

WhistleB is a whistleblowing solution designed to ensure that your organisation complies with national data protection laws, including the EU GDPR and the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

Is your organisation one of the thousands that need to comply with whistle-blower protection laws? Or perhaps you are looking for a simple way to effectively uncover misconduct within your organisation to mitigate risks and protect against financial loss and reputational damage.

Our whistleblowing solution makes it simple and safe for employees to report wrongdoing confidentially and anonymously. It is used by companies globally and across a variety of industries in more than 150 countries. Smaller industries and multinational companies alike trust our whistleblowing solution, it is a secure, compliant, online whistleblowing solution that will get you up and running quickly.

We are truly committed to protecting your interests as an employer, while supporting the needs of your employees. With WhistleB, you will benefit from an impartial, professional and flexible external whistleblowing solution that meets the changing requirements of your organisation.

WhistleB is a whistleblowing solution based on many years of experience, and we firmly believe that implementing a whistleblowing solution should be a simple step for any organisation to take. We know that customers require an inclusive, compliant and secure whistleblowing solution that is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. For more information watch our online demo.



How our whistleblowing solution works


Reporting Channel


This is where employees and other stakeholders report suspected wrongdoing easily, safely and anonymously. Individuals can report on their own time, whenever it is most convenient for them, 24/7, 365 days a year. The reporting channel has a web-based landing page and questionnaire, both of which can be customised so that you receive information that is vital to your organisation. Our web platform is easy to navigate in 60+ languages.


Case Management Tool


The Case Management tool is easy to use and guides and facilitates the receipt, monitoring and management of cases, integral to any whistleblowing solution. Whistleblowing reports are managed as “cases” securely and efficiently in the online Case Management tool. The user interface is available in 14 languages.

How to choose your whistleblowing solution plan


There are three plans to choose from, each of which has been developed to address the different needs of every organisation no matter of its size.

Core – suits organisations that want to get up and running quickly, no translation services are available in this plan.

Pro – gives you everything you need to run your whistleblowing solution on an international scale.

Premium – is designed to meet the needs of enterprises operating at a global level.

How to buy a whistleblowing solution


There are just three easy steps to buy the WhistleB whistleblowing solution online.


  1. Choose the right plan for your organisation
  2. Make a purchase by completing the order information and accepting the online Service and Data Processing Agreement
  3. Verify your email by entering the verification code we send you. It is important for secure onboarding


You will receive an order confirmation by email with details about how to activate your account.

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