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BrasilAgro is Brazil’s largest company within the field of acquisitions, development and sales of rural property for agricultural activities. It is listed on the Novo Mercado stock exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange. The company wanted to establish a secure and cost-effective solution for its employees based in rural properties. The WhistleB service allows employees to submit reports either online or by phone. Irrespective of the reporting channel, the company is able to maintain a dialogue with the anonymous whistleblower
Nordea is the largest financial services group (third largest corporation) in the Nordic region, and one of the biggest banks in Europe. Nordea is a customer of WhistleB, and has the service available for employees and other stakeholders to report suspected fraudulent or unethical behaviour.
Nibe is a leading energy systems manufacturer with operations in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. NIBE is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Exchange, Large Cap list. Nibe uses the WhistleB whistleblowing service for its employees all over the world

“The WhistleB Case management tool provides us with a user-friendly interface that enables dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower, secure translations and third party investigations. The service was efficiently implemented. WhistleB took the lead for the entire implementation process.”
– Kenneth Magnusson, Quality Manager, NIBE.

Cramo is a rental service company in the construction sector.  It is one of the industry’s leading service providers in Europe and operates in 15 countries. Cramo has successfully used the WhistleB solution for many years.

“The anonymous whistleblowing channel is a vital component in our goal of having an open dialogue at Cramo. Technically, the WhistleB service has worked well. Half of the reports have resulted in a dialogue between us and the anonymous whistleblower, which has been important to the satisfactory outcome of our investigations.”

– Anders Collman, Sustainability Director at Cramo.

Carnegie is a leading bank in the Nordic region with operations in seven countries. The bank requires the highest level of data security as a prerequisite for building confidence. The WhistleB data security solution is similar to the banking industry’s own security solutions, and is tested regularly by an external IT expert to provide additional security assurances. Carnegie offers the WhistleB whistleblowing service in all their countries of operations.

“Our requirements for our whistleblowing solution included 100% anonymity, very easy administration, no IT development or maintenance and a competitive price. “
– Lars-Göran Älgevik, Head of Group Internal Audit, Carnegie.

Stena Group is an international group of companies with business activities all over the world. Activities span several areas: ferry routes, shipping, offshore drilling, property, recycling, environmental services and trade. Stena uses the WhistleB whistleblowing service for its 20 000 employees as a part of the group’s corporate compliance programme.

“WhistleB is an easy-to-use system, with relevant features that facilitate the monitoring of reported cases. It is easy to stay in touch with the whistleblower who remains completely anonymous, and we are notified by e-mail as soon as a new report or a follow-up answer is received. With the professional guidance of the WhistleB team the system was very easy to implement.”
– Caroline Jakobsson, Head of Corporate Governance, Stena.

Swedfund is the Development Finance Institution of the Swedish state, investing in 30 different markets. Swedfund chose WhistleB to set up a whistleblowing service both for their own employees as well as for their portfolio companies. WhistleB worked closely with Swedfund to design the technical solution for the required approaches, both for Swedfund´s internal whistleblowing process, and for that of its portfolio companies.

Find out more about how Swedfund and WhistleB cooperated in this interview with Johan Ek, Senior Legal Counsel at Swedfund:

How does your whistleblowing service strengthen your position as a responsible investor?
Swedfund invests in 30 different markets, many of which are in Africa. Swedfund’s mission is to help eradicate poverty through sustainable investments. We work continuously to combat corruption and other serious irregularities. The WhistleB whistleblowing channel is a vital tool in these efforts. The whistleblower service, which aims to protect Swedfund’s interests and the policies that guide Swedfund, is available for employees, contractors, interns and so on, and is also available at our portfolio companies. As an investor, we want to make sure that the employees working in our portfolio companies can raise a red flag securely if there is any suspicion of a serious irregularity. We encourage each portfolio company to adopt and implement their own system, but we offer our system as an interim solution.

What were the challenges when implementing the whistleblowing service, and how were they solved?
One challenge was to find a technical solution for an autonomous third party to receive and investigate reports concerning our own employees. WhistleB helped us with a technical solution customised to meet our needs.  It was also important for us to be able to customise the reporting channel, as well as the communications, to different target groups.

How has WhistleB contributed?
WhistleB has deep knowledge in the field of organisational whistleblowing, they provide a global tool, that is easy to adapt, and they have a service-minded attitude.

Axfood is a food retail and wholesale business in Sweden. The company has more than 1 000 stores. Axfood is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap list, with Axel Johnson as the principal owner.

Find out more about how Axfood and WhistleB cooperate in this interview with Pehr G Ohlsson, Head of Labour Relations and Compensation at Axfood:

Why is a whistleblowing service important for Axfood?
Offering the possibility to anonymously denounce serious irregularities in our business is a key part of Axfood achieving a functioning, sustainable and ethical company.

What are the benefits for Axfood?
We want to be a reliable company and our whistleblowing system contributes to this. If serious irregularities come to the attention of individuals who have the mandate to act, this increases the possibility of dealing with them. It also enhances transparency in our workplaces and is perceived positively by the employees.

Why did Axfood choose WhistleB’s whistleblowing service?
The WhistleB system was chosen because it is considered to be a safe and easy-to-use external system, providing the opportunity to anonymously make a report and to communicate with an anonymous whistleblower.

How does WhistleB contribute?
WhistleB delivers a good system and is attentive to any possible development needs of the system.

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