How the WhistleB whistleblowing system works


A whistleblower sends a message about a concern. The web-based Communication Channel is device independent, allowing for access from tablets and smartphones. Phone reporting can be integrated.


The organisation’s whistleblowing team receives notification of an incoming message and logs into the Case Management Tool to review the message and to take action.


Further dialogue with the anonymous whistleblower is facilitated in order to build mutual trust and to get to the core of the reported issue.

All you need to set up a trustworthy whistleblowing system

Communication Channel

… allows for anonymous messaging and two-way communication. Receive messages about suspected wrongdoings directly from employees and other stakeholders – and respond with immediate action.

The Communication Channel, including the web-based landing page and reporting form, can be customised so that you receive information that is vital to your organisation. You can set up separate communication channels for targeted groups such as suppliers and customers. Information on legal data privacy restrictions is included.

A phone-based reporting channel can be integrated into the system if necessary. It can also be made available on a per country basis.

View the video» to get a flavour of the WhistleB Communication Channel.




Case Management Tool

… for replying to messages reported through the Communication Channel and for managing whistleblowing cases securely and correctly.

The Case Management tool enables you to adhere to legal requirements on whistleblowing in different national jurisdictions and is aligned with legislation for the correct handling of personal data.

All actions are traceable as each case and user has a process log. When a case is to be closed, you can delete or archive data in accordance with applicable laws.

View the video» to get a flavour of the WhistleB Case Management Tool.


Implementation & Customer Support

Get legal and communication support for a time-efficient, correct and positive roll-out of your whistleblowing system. You choose the support you need with one of our three service plans:
WhistleB To Go», Buffet»or À la Carte».

And as your organisation changes, so can your whistleblowing system. WhistleB’s whistleblowing system is designed to adapt easily to your needs over time.

Our customer support is available to ensure a continuously high service level. Investigative support is available through our global network of local experts.

Data Privacy

WhistleB safeguards the anonymity of a whistleblower and protects customer data. The WhistleB Information Security Management System complies with ISO 27001 & 27018 and is designed to ensure the highest data security and privacy settings. Vulnerability assessments are regularly performed externally.

Information security is taken into account in every aspect of our whistleblowing system. The WhistleB service conforms to personal data protection laws and the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the strictest such regulation in the world. Visit the WhistleB Trust Centre»to learn more about whistleblowing and data privacy.

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See what our customers say

  • “WhistleB has thorough knowledge in the field of organisational whistleblowing, provides a global tool that is easy to adapt and has a service-minded attitude.” Johan Ek, Legal Counsel, Swedfund
  • Nibe-referens
    “The WhistleB  Case management tool provides us with a user-friendly interface that enables dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower, secure translations and third party investigations. The service was efficiently implemented. WhistleB took the lead for the entire implementation process, including adaptions to local laws, policy development and communication in a professional manner.” Kenneth Magnusson, Quality Manager, NIBE
  • “The requirements for our whistleblowing solution included anonymity, very easy administration, no IT development or maintenance and an affordable price.” Lars-Göran Älgevik, Head of Group Internal Audit, Carnegie
  • “WhistleB was chosen because of the easy-to-use case management tool, the possibility for anonymous reporting, and for the overall secure solution. With the use of the WhistleB service we strengthen our anti-corruption work in a region that has seen its share of corruption scandals.” Alex Chan, IT manager, Desarrolladora de la Riviera Maya

You ask - We answer

Benefits of the WhistleB whistleblowing service?

  • The whistleblowing system has the highest data privacy settings, and is compliant with ISO 27001, Information Security Management.
  • User-friendly service, with features that enable appropriate handling of reports and cases.
  • Whistleblowing expertise, both legal and communication, from a dedicated and customer-oriented team.
  • Whistleblowing plans are tailored to meet your needs, and priced according to the features and the service level that you want.

With over 20 years of experience in ethics and compliance, our support team and customisable plans now serve millions of users across the globe. Adapting to the most current legal compliances, we contribute to foster transparent, fair and safe workplaces.

How do I get started?

You can test a demo version of the service with a 30-day free trial, or set up a demo session with a whistleblowing expert to get a feel for the service and ask questions. Contact us. You choose the whistleblowing system plan that meets your requirements on functionality and support level.

How does WhistleB ensure that I comply with local regulatory requirements?

The WhistleB service conforms to EU guidelines for the handling of personal data in corporate whistleblowing systems, the strictest such guidelines in the world. An overview of national data protection regulations governing whistleblowing systems is available for À la Carte and Buffet customers. Additionally, information about national regulations is included in the relevant language versions of the whistleblower Communication channel, in order to communicate correctly to the whistleblower. If you have operations in Russia, please choose the À la Carte plan.

What happens if we decide to move away from WhistleB?

Encrypted data can be exported to another database of your choice at any time.

Is phone reporting available?

Yes, the WhistleB whistleblowing system supports multilingual voice reporting with local phone numbers, and allows the possibility to have an anonymous dialogue with the person calling. The web-based whistleblower Communication channel is mobile phone friendly. All reports are received in your Case management tool.

Research and our experience show that voice reporting is declining. For this reason, but equally for data security, cost-efficiency and user-friendliness (the whistleblower can attach valuable files to the message in the web-based solution), we advocate a web-based whistleblower communication channel solution.

Before you set up a phone solution by voice, we recommend that you first consider why you need it. Is it because your employees are not used to writing, or do they not have internet access? These may be two good reasons to choose voice phone reporting.

How does WhistleB ensure I provide the highest level of data privacy?

WhistleB has made data privacy our priority. Data security and privacy are essential for building trust in the whistleblowing system, and to protect an anonymous whistleblower and sensitive data. We have integrated the highest data privacy settings throughout the development and the life cycle of the service. Your data is hosted according to the highest security standards, as confirmed by our ISO 27001 certification.

The WhistleB service is continuously monitored and regularly tested, including penetration testing by external IT security experts. See Data privacy

Can I upgrade?

You can upgrade your whistleblowing system easily in line with your changing needs. Contact us for more information.