Learn from our hands-on experience and knowledge on organisational whistleblowing. On the following pages you’ll find insights on whistleblowing as a part of a compliance program and corporate governance structure to minimise risk and foster transparency.

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Key legislation

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Whistleblower FAQ


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Customer Studies

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Current issues


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Reporting Misconduct


The WhistleB whistleblowing service can be used to report on a wide range on issues. Organisations should offer a secure way of reporting misconduct. Read more »

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Media & Blog

“Viktigt ordna webbplattform för visselblåsare”

Webben är numera den överlägset viktigaste kanalen för så kallade visselblåsare, personer som slår larm om missförhållanden på det egna…

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Ägarnas roll gällande visselblåsning i företaget

Frågan hur ägarna ska involveras när det gäller visselblåsning är en aktuell fråga, bland annat som följd av den kommande…

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Anti-corruption in practice

WhistleB’s partner Karin Henriksson was invited to present the WhistleB service, and to discuss whistleblowing at the Cederquist seminar “Anti-corruption…

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A new Swedish word, “visselblåsare” (whistleblower)

A new Swedish word, “visselblåsare” (whistleblower), was included in the 2015 edition of the Swedish Academy (regulator of the Swedish…

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