WhistleB – Wrap up of the year

With this wrap up of the year we want to thank all our customers, colleagues and partners who have made the success of 2017 possible. 

The #Metoo campaign is creating a change in attitudes. Safe channels are needed that allow employees to sound the alarm internally if something goes wrong. The ability to sound the alarm internally has the advantage of preventing and rectifying issues within the organisation, rather than matters being aired in the media through social media. This is why WhistleB has developed a new tool; WhistleB Voices, to enable companies and organisations to let their people’ voices be heard. Combatting harassment can, and should, of course be an integrated part of whistleblowing. Having a special channel for this topical issue shows dedication to fighting back and establishing a zero-tolerance culture against harassment.

GDPR compliance. An important task this fall has been to assure the compliance of WhistleB with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In October WhistleB was assessed by an expert, Göran Gräslund, former Director General of the Swedish Data Inspection Authority, part of Rote Consulting. We are pleased with the results of the assessment, which concludes that: “This quality culture serves as a sound foundation for its technical and operational GDPR compliance.”  With the internal GDPR compliance work, compliance with ISO 27 001, and a GDPR customer support package, we want to ensure a solid foundation for compliance with the forthcoming law. You can get our recently published Checklist for whistleblowing here.

2017, a year of growth. We have had the pleasure of welcoming many new customers, with operations all over the world. To meet the expectations of the growing customer portfolio, our team has grown with dedicated and talented colleagues and partners. The great interest that companies and organisations show in setting up channels for internal reporting on unethical behaviour make us believe that next year will be a vibrant and exciting year for all of us in the ethics and compliance sector.

On this note, we wish you Happy holidays and all the best for the New Year, 2018. 

The WhistleB team






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