Investigation support

When external expertise is required, the global WhistleB Expert and Partner network is available to help. Through our network we help our customers to find highly specialised local expertise all around the world.

The WhistleB Expert network consists of investigators and lawyers, having the experience in various fields to deliver advice and support.

Areas of expertise include:
Data collection and analysis – Fraud and corruption – Controverting competition – Forensic technology and accounting- Labour issues – Human rights issues – Environmental issues – Crisis management and communication.

If you want to outsource or need help with whistleblower case handling, for example:

  • How should I write back to the whistleblower?
  • Is this really a whistleblower case or not?
  • How should I take national data privacy legislation into account for this specific case?

WhistleB and our partners deliver experienced assistance.

Let us know your needs. We are eager to assist you.