Ethics and Compliance service 

Working with ethics and compliance is an integral part of normal business development and risk management. It is nothing new. What is new is that companies now have to address the changing business risks and opportunities relating to ethics and complianceWith more than 20 years of experience in the fields of business ethics and compliance, and together with our global Expert network, we are committed to providing market-leading services to prevent wrongdoings and to safeguard high business ethical standards.

Code of Conduct and

Policy development

An organisation’s Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics forms the foundation for behaviour expectations for management, employees, and usually also external parties, such as suppliers. WhistleB has managed the process and developed Codes of Conduct for small and large corporations of up to 250,000 employees, as well as for organisations in high-risk sectors and areas. We also provide ethical dilemma training.

“Describing how the Code of Conduct contributes to your operations is the most important issue when setting up a Code.”

Karin Henriksson
Founding Partner, WhistleB

Tips for developing a Code of Conduct

Write the Code so that it strengthens your operations and brand reputation.

Address your risks
1. Identify your risks
2. Explain the risks – what does this mean for us?
3. Include management commitment – what is expected from us?

Implement the Code of Conduct
1. Dilemma training: continuous discussions on everyday dilemmas, that are easy to relate to.
2. Whistleblowing service for credible follow-up.

CDP and UN Global Compact
If you need help in reporting your climate impact through the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP, or sustainability efforts through the UN Global Compact platform, we are happy to provide support.

Sustainable profit
The WhistleB handbook, Sustainable Profit », provides you valuable insight and practical examples on how to develop and manage business-driven sustainability work. The handbook was authored by the founders of WhistleB and is available in English, Chinese, French and Swedish.

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting reflects the performance of the organisation against environmental, social and governance criteria. WhistleB has extensive experience in helping customers to develop sustainability reports. We help you align with reporting standards and guidelines.

“The benefits of sustainability reporting are linked to increased trust and brand reputation, including employee branding, as well as improved access to capital, due to assessment of non-financial risks and business opportunities.”

Gunilla Hadders 
Founding Partner, WhistleB

Tips for developing a sustainability report

Make sure that the sustainability strategy supports and is integrated with the business strategy to build confidence and trust.

Define measurable goals:

1. Focus on your sustainability key performance indicators, i.e. indicators that meet your stakeholders’ requirements and enhance profitability and business value.

2. Follow international guidelines for sustainability reporting, such as the Global Reporting Initiative.

Ethics and sustainability work is an on-going process; be transparent on what you have achieved, and what is still to be done.

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