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Let your people´ voices be heard

WhistleB Voices – to combat harassment

Harassment has rapidly become a business-critical issue, all over the world. The #Metoo campaign is creating a change in attitudes. Safe channels are needed that allow employees to sound the alarm internally if something goes wrong, rather than matters being aired in the media or social media.

WhistleB Voices service provides employees a channel through which they can sound the alarm and hold a dialogue anonymously. The service also has a Case Management tool, to receive and deal with sensitive information in a secure and correct manner.

  • Dialogue with an anonymous person
  • Communicate in any language
  • Easy to use two-way communication platform
  • Highest data security standards

Let your people´ voices be heard

The challenge

that organisations are facing is that raising the alarm about unethical behaviour is not easy. Many remain silent – and staying silent is costly, with large reputational consequences at stake.

WhistleB Voices provides a solution

With the multi-lingual, on-line WhistleB Voices platform, that allows dialogue with an anonymous person, you can provide a tool for your people to raise their concerns. The platform is easy to use, both for the person sending the message, and for those receiving and handling the case.

Let your people´ voices be heard

The WhistleB Voices platform enables companies and organisations to let their people’ voices be heard. Combatting harassment can, and should, of course be an integrated part of whistleblowing. Having a special channel for this topical issue, shows dedication to fighting back and establishing a zero-tolerance culture against harassment.

Benefits with WhistleB Voices

The obvious and main benefit is of course to fight harassment and to ensure a healthy working environment. Other benefits are minimising reputational and financial risks and enhancing your brand and your employer brand.

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Attitudes are changing. Do your people have a true chance to raise their voices ?
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