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Whistleblowing system to protect your long-term success

Prevent wrongdoings before they occur and foster transparency with a trustworthy whistleblowing system.

  • Used in 150 countries

For years, WhistleB has helped organisations globally to establish whistleblowing systems that meet their specific goals. Our experience with customers has shown that trust and simplicity lie at the heart of whistleblowing success.

  • ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant

You can have peace of mind knowing that we have embedded compliance with data protection laws into the system. And we also provide you materials for your user training and communication about the whistleblowing system

  • User-friendly & customise

The WhistleB whistleblower system is designed by our customers for our customers. That helps us ensure that your organisation has the best possible experience. Later, if your organisation changes, your whistleblowing system can change too.

We want to keep things simple for you.

Whistleblowing service – this is how it works

The whistleblowing service enables your people to send a message about their concern, anonymously or openly.

Appointed individuals get a notification and log into the Case management tool to read the message and to take action.

To build trust and to get to the core of the issue dialogue with whistleblower is possible in the whistleblowing service.

Data privacy and security are key for a trustworthy whistleblowing service. WhistleB offers industry-leading security to protect customer data and anonymous whistleblowers. For more information, please visit the WhistleB Trust Centre (information in English)

WhistleB whistleblowing plans

Customisable & multilingual whistleblowing system.

  • Anonymous dialogue, up to 10 000 employees
  • Customisable Communication channel
  • Support for efficient implementation

Tailored whistleblowing system, through dedicated support.

  • Anonymous dialogue, unlimited number of employees and external stakeholders
  • Customisable Communication channel in all languages
  • Advanced case management & adaptable to your organisation
  • Full implementation support by key account team

You are in good company

About us

WhistleB is a global whistleblowing service provider and ethics & compliance expert, helping customers to foster a safer and more transparent working climate. We are a fast-growing company and the WhistleB service is currently used in 150+ countries, including Finland (for example). SOME INFO THAT CONNECTS TO THE COUNTRY.

WhistleB was started in 2011. From the start, our goal has been to provide a whistleblowing service with industry-leading security and user-friendliness. We are grateful for the confidence that our customers have placed in us, across all continents. XX country specific. 

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