Web-Based Whistleblowing preferred over telephone hotlines

For many years, telephone whistleblowing hotlines have been considered the most popular form of reporting on whistleblowing issues. However, WhistleB’s experience with customers worldwide shows that a growing number of organisations see the effectiveness of using online whistleblowing channels.

WhistleB’s findings with regard to the use of its primarily web-based whistleblowing system by customers in Scandinavia indicate that reporting through online channels is at least equally effective as telephone-based reporting. With the growing use of internet based devices such as smartphones and tablets, the trend towards use of online whistleblowing systems is obvious. Web-based whistleblowing is gaining a firm position in the prevention of fraud.

Recent enquiries reveal that users of web-based whistleblowing tools are of the opinion that reporting increases when employees can report with guaranteed anonymity and in their own language. Web-based whistleblowing reporting systems offer such features and a great level of security. This development is strengthened by increasing regulation across Europe aimed at enhancing whistleblower protection. Another visible trend is that reports of misconduct submitted via e-mail and web-based or online form are becoming more common than telephone based reports.

The ease of use and level of security of web-based whistleblowing channels are likely to be amongst the main reasons why an increasing number of compliance managers prefer to receive reports through online reporting channels over telephone hotline systems.

WhistleB believes that the anonymity and security of web-based reporting channels appeals to whistleblowers, for whom blowing the whistle remains an uncomfortable and potentially challenging step to take. Additionally, web platforms that are increasingly optimised for smartphones enable whistleblowers to more easily record and report evidence of misconduct.

According to WhistleB, one of the key reasons why more and more compliance officers prefer online reporting systems is that such systems enable them to capture information more efficiently and subsequently handle cases more effectively with the help of a structured online process.

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