Customer studies

Please see our customer studies for insights in our customer’s experiences regarding whistleblowing in particular and compliance in general.

Customer Study on Organisational whistleblowing, 2017

Organisational whistleblowing – what to expect Findings from WhistleB’s customer study on organisational whistleblowing, September 2017.


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Customer Study on Organisational whistleblowing, 2016

Corporate whistleblowing - what can you expect? Findings from WhistleB’s surveys on corporate whistleblowing 2016.

Benefits of organisational whistleblowing

What are the benefits of organisational whistleblowing? What do you need to take into account when setting up a whistleblowing system? Find out in this white paper.

GDPR & whistleblowing – how to handle personal data in a Whistleblowing system?

The GDPR will come into force in May 2018, having direct consequences on whistleblowing practices. Will you be ready? This white paper highlights the five main issues to address in order to comply with the GDPR when handling personal data in a whistleblowing system.

Five steps towards a credible and efficient whistleblowing service

A whistleblowing service works best as part of a holistic approach. In this white paper we share our experience in setting up a whistleblowing service that fosters good business ethics and reduces company risks.

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