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The Buffet Plan is the Whistleblowing system for medium and large-sized organisations. The Buffet plan offers a rich selection of features and languages from which you can pick and choose. It is most suited to medium and large-sized organisations that want full control of their case management process, information intake and style of communication. You also receive implementation support, ensuring a smooth roll-out of the service in the jurisdictions where you operate.

Customisable Communication channel(s)

… enables your people to alert your organisation to an issue of concern. 

The customisable Communication channel includes a start page and questionnaire, as well as features to allow anonymous dialogue. You can allow up to 10 000 people access to the Communication channel. It is available in 15 languages of your choice. It is mobile phone friendly and can be accessed 24/7/365 through your organisation’s unique web address. The anonymity of the person reporting is ensured, as WhistleB does not track whistleblower metadata, for example the IP address.

Optional: You can set up separate web-based Communication channels for different target groups (for example employees or suppliers) or set up a Communication portal when you want to direct messages to different receivers (for example by category or country). You can also offer a phone (voice) channel that allows you to have a dialogue with an anonymous person. All messages are received securely in the Case management tool.

The Case management tool adaptable to your needs

… and enables a team of 10 people to receive and reply to messages reported through the Communication channel(s).

The Case management tool allows users with defined user authorities to manage cases and investigations efficiently and appropriately. All actions are traceable as each case has a log. When a case is to be closed, you can delete or archive data in accordance with national regulations.

Translation support is available in the encrypted tool, from professional translators and/or through secure machine translation.

On-line statistics are available according to the categories chosen by you, and can easily be made into reports for information and decision-making. It is also possible to add a feature to analyse aggregated statistics at a group level.

Advanced case management:
These are features to help you manage and keep track of large investigations. For example, you can easily and securely communicate among both users and external parties. You can also delegate cases to appropriate case managers and investigators.

The whistleblowing system can be adapted to support the organisational set-up and case management process that best fits your organisation.

Security and legal compliance

We help our customers to protect their sensitive data, using industry-leading data security standards. Guidance on legal compliance is available, and continuously updated.

  • Global compliance: Guidance for compliance with national personal data protection laws and regulations governing whistleblowing. Information on national regulations that should be communicated to the whistleblower is included in the relevant language on the start page.
  • A technical description of data privacy and security is available, including external compliance statements.
  • Regular external vulnerability and penetration tests are carried out.

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Implementation & Customer support

Get started: We will lead you through the implementation process using our well-established and efficient implementation process, including meetings and an implementation package available on the Customer resource centre:

  • Checklist for implementation
  • Legal whistleblowing guidelines
  • Communication templates for a smooth and positive roll-out of the service

Customer support: The easy-to-use Help service is available via the Case management tool. Support is available during CET office hours and can be extended at your request. Updates on service development and new legislation are communicated through the Customer Newsletter.

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