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for organisational whistleblowing

The À la Carte plan offers individual support to create a tailor-made whistleblowing system in a time-efficient manner. It best suits medium and large-sized enterprises and organisations that require features such as; advanced case management, or phone voice reporting. This is a flexible whistleblowing system that evolves to meet your needs over time, with an experienced team of experts dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The Communication channel

… enables an employee or an external stakeholder (i.e. supplier, customer) to alert your organisation to an issue of concern. 

The Communication channel includes a start page and questionnaire, as well as features to allow anonymous reporting and dialogue. It is available in English and another language of your choice. The Communication channel is mobile phone friendly and can be accessed 24/7/365 through your organisation’s unique web address. The anonymity of the person reporting is ensured, as WhistleB does not track whistleblower metadata, for example the IP address. 

Information on national regulations that should be communicated to the whistleblower is included on the relevant language version of the start page.

  • The person reporting can attach text and picture files.
  • Information on national regulations that should be communicated to the whistleblower is included on the relevant language version of the start page.

Additional: Open up your Communication channel to external stakeholders.

The Case management tool

… enables a team of up to five people to receive and reply to messages reported via the whistleblower Communication channel.

A built-in translation service with native translators enables dialogue in multiple languages. You can add Secure machine translation to your service. The multilingual Case management tool allows users with defined user authorities to manage cases and investigations efficiently and appropriately. All actions are traceable as each case has a log. The tool’s follow-up features include online statistics set up under the categories selected by you. When a case is to be closed, you can delete or archive data in accordance with national laws.

Additional: Secure machine translation.

Security and legal compliance

We help our customers to protect their sensitive data, using industry-leading data security standards. Guidance on legal compliance is available, and continuously updated.

  • ISO 27001 compliance.
  • Regular external vulnerability and penetration tests.

The EU: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

Global: Guidance for compliance with national personal data protection regulations governing whistleblowing.

Visit WhistleB Trust Centre »

  • A technical description of data privacy and security is available.
  • No IT installation is required.
  • Two-factor authentication gives you an extra level of security, by logging in with a pin
    code generated on your mobile phone.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Full implementation and Customer support

Implementation support is available to help you implement your whistleblowing system in an appropriate and timely manner. Our dedicated Key account team helps you adjust the service to legal requirements and supports you with powerful communications about your whistleblowing service.

Customer support by a dedicated, senior Key account team and an appointed contact person. WhistleB offers unlimited Customer support to our A la Carte customers.

Support also includes:

  • Help desk during during office hours CET, easily available through the Case management tool.
  • E-mail support.
  • Legal updates and other key information in the Customer Newsletter.

Support is available in EnglishFrenchSpanishGermanPortuguesePolishDutchItalian,   ArabicSwedish and Finnish. If the customer requests additional availability, or languages, this is offered according to needs.

Tailored whistleblowing system with dedicated support

We want to keep things simple for you. As a WhistleB customer you benefit from our well-established implementation process and an experienced team of experts who help you to launch an outstanding whistleblowing solution with industry-leading security standards.

1. Choose the plan that meets your needs. Please contact one of our whistleblowing service experts to discuss your requirements. The purchasing process is digitalised for your convenience, but we are always available to assist you.

2. As an À la Carte customer you benefit from a dedicated team of experts, available to assist you through the implementation process.

3. Start to communicate your new whistleblowing system, tailored to meet your needs for whistleblowing.

We want to keep things simple for you

Kenneth Magnusson, Quality Manager, NIBE

Kenneth Magnusson, Quality Manager, NIBE

“The WhistleB Case management tool provides us with a user-friendly interface that enables dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower, secure translations and third party investigations. The service was efficiently implemented. WhistleB took the lead for the entire implementation process, including adaptions to local laws, policy development and communication in a professional manner.”

Pehr G Ohlsson, Head of Labour Relations and Compensation, Axfood

“WhistleB delivers good service and is attentive to any possible development needs of the system.”

You ask – We answer

What are the benefits of the WhistleB whistleblowing service?

Benefits of the WhistleB whistleblowing service?

  • The whistleblowing system has the highest data privacy settings, and is compliant with ISO 27001, Information Security Management » .
  • User-friendly service, with features that enable appropriate handling of reports and cases.
  • Whistleblowing expertise, both legal* and communication, from a dedicated and customer-oriented team. *Yearly updates for adapting to the most current legal compliances.
  • Whistleblowing plans are tailored to meet your needs, and priced according to the features and the service level that you want.

With over 20 years of experience in ethics and compliance, our support team and customisable plans now serve millions of users across the globe. We are dedicated to contribute to foster transparent, fair and safe workplaces.

How do I get started?

You can:

- Test the service with a 30-day Free trial

- Set up a demo session with a whistleblowing expert to get a feel for the service and to ask questions. Contact us.

- Choose the whistleblowing system plan that meets your requirements on functionality and support level Compare plans

How to comply to data privacy regulatory requirements?

The WhistleB service conforms to EU guidelines for the handling of personal data in corporate whistleblowing systems, the strictest such guidelines in the world.

An overview of national data protection regulations governing whistleblowing systems is available for all countries where the WhistleB system is used (À la Carte and Buffet customers).

Additionally, information about national regulations is included in the relevant language versions of the whistleblower Communication channel, in order to communicate correctly to the whistleblower. If you have operations in Russia, please Contact us.

External assessments

EU GDPR compliance assessment statement

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) statement

The External assessment statements are available on request.

What happens if we decide to move away from WhistleB?

Encrypted data can be exported to another database any time.

Is phone reporting available?

Yes, the WhistleB whistleblowing system supports multilingual voice messaging with local phone numbers, and allows for anonymous dialogue with the person calling. All messages are received in your Case management tool.

Before you set up a voice phone solution, we recommend that you first consider why you need it. Is it because your employees are not used to writing, or do they not have internet access? These may be two good reasons to choose voice phone reporting.

Research and our experience show that voice reporting is rapidly declining. We advocate the web-based solution for data security, cost-efficiency and user-friendliness reasons. An example of a web based feature, that is appreciated by our customers, is the possibility to attach picture and text file evidence. 

How does WhistleB ensure the highest possible level of data privacy?

WhistleB has made data privacy our top priority. Data security and privacy are essential for building trust in the whistleblowing system, and to protect an anonymous whistleblower and sensitive data. We have integrated the high data privacy settings throughout the development and the life cycle of the service. Your data is hosted according to the highest possible security standards, as confirmed by our ISO 27001 certification.

The WhistleB service is continuously monitored and regularly tested, including penetration testing by external IT security experts. Visit the WhistleB Trust Centre »  to learn more about whistleblowing and data privacy.

External assessments and Certifications

ISMS compliance with ISO 27001 statement

ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications, Microsoft Azure

Regular vulnerability and penetration tests.

”The privacy of the whistleblowers is preserved. TrueSec attacked the application from the Internet and was not able to retrieve sensitive data.”

TrueSec vulnerability and penetration test, 2018

The External assessment statements and Certifications are available on request.










Can I make changes to the whistleblowing system?

You can change your whistleblowing system in line with your changing needs. For example, changes in categories, users, etc can be made instantly in the Case management tool. You can also Contact us to upgrade or downgrade your whistleblowing service plan, according to your needs.

Additional services:

  • Training and consultation through WhistleB Academy
  • Investigation expertise through our global network

    You only pay for what you really need.

We want to keep things simple for you.

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