WhistleB Core

Get your whistleblowing system up and running in no time

We want to keep things simple for you. The WhistleB Core plan provides a secure and user-friendly system, which is built with privacy laws in mind and tailored to the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Laws. WhistleB Core gives you everything you need to run the system securely and smoothly. It suits organisations that want to get going quickly, with a tried-and-tested system and core features. Implementation support is available online in the customer Resource Centre. Secure, efficient and ready-to-launch.

EU Whistleblower Directive
ISO 27001

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WhistleB Core
Reporting channel
Anonymous dialogue
A person can anonymously or openly send a message about a suspected wrongdoing. Dialogue with the anonymous person is possible thanks to passwords provided at the end of the reporting session. You can receive and send an unlimited number of messages.
Accessible 24/7/365 from any device, through a web address unique to your organisation. Set up separate web-based reporting channels for different target groups (e.g. employees or suppliers).
Give whistleblowers the possibility to report in multiple languages. Reporting channel available in 60 + languages.
Maximum number of employees
Maximum number of employees.
Case management tool
Easy user-management, including different user roles, allows for an efficient and secure handling of cases. Choose the plan that fits your organisation's needs.
Two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication for secure access to the Case management tool.
Online statistics are available based on the categories chosen by you and can easily be made into reports for information and decision making.
Resource center
Our customer resource centre is available for all customers. It includes a step-by-step guide on how to launch your whistleblowing system, as well as templates for legal guidelines and communication (including films). WhistleB provides hands-on advice on all aspects of setting up a whistleblowing service.
Technical support
Customer support is available on weekdays during office hours (CET). Technical support, FAQs, user manuals and training videos are all available free of charge.
Translation services
Available in the encrypted tool: professional translations and/or secure machine translation. Manual translations are paid per translation. Prices for translations is available in the Case manangement tool.
Assignment of cases
Cases can be assigned to teams.
Secure discussion
Discussions can be held about received cases with your team members, within the encrypted tool.
Single Sign On (SSO)
Sync or use Single Sign On (SSO) from your own integration. This solution is based on the usage of Azure AD.
Enforced two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication can be enforced for all users in the organisation.
Case Workflow
Case Workflow allows the permissioned user to create workflow steps in the account settings. Case managers can follow the workflow steps for a case and select a date for completion for each step. The dates are included in the statistics.
Security & legal
Industry-leading data security and legal compliance
GDPR, ISO 27001, EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

Personal implementation support

Add implementation support, and we will help you to set up the system in a smooth and time-efficient manner. Our implementation support includes:

  • Implementation meeting – walk-through of the implementation material and process (1h)
  • Best practices and knowledge sharing

Support package (on-going support)

Give yourself peace of mind. Our experienced support team is there to help you get the most out of your whistleblowing system. The support package includes:

  • Post-launch customisation of the reporting channel: texts, questionnaire, logo
  • Continuous support for account settings: user management, customisation of categories, channels

Kenneth Magnusson

Quality Manager, NIBE

"The WhistleB Case management tool provides us with a user-friendly interface that enables dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower, secure translations and third party investigations. The service was efficiently implemented. WhistleB took the lead for the entire implementation process.”

Håkan Zinders

Sustainability manager, Almi

"Both for our management and for the owner the whistleblower system is a hygiene factor.”

Pehr Ohlsson

Head of Labour Relations, Axfood

WhistleB delivers good service and is attentive to any possible development needs of the system.”

Anna Annerås

Director, Ecolean

“ With a credible whistleblowing system we show that we care about our employees and how we conduct our business. WhistleB filled all our criteria as a supplier; they had thorough whistleblowing expertise and a system that creates confidence through a high level of safety and stylish design. WhistleB has been incredibly professional and service-oriented.”