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There are three key steps to setting up the WhistleB system

Step 1 - Choose your plan

Our guide helps you choose the plan that best meet the needs of your organisation.

Step 2 - Buy online

Our guide steers you through the process of buying WhistleB online.

Step 3 - Implement your programme

Our resources and professional support guides you through a seamless implementation.

How to buy WhistleB online – information to share with your team

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EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

7 top tips for EU Whistleblower Protection Directive readiness – this article identifies the seven key steps your organisation needs to take now in order to prepare for, and comply with, the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.


EU Whistleblower Protection Directive Solutions Guide – to ensure your current governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programme aligns with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

Whistleblower Protection National Laws – Read how EU countries are now protecting their whistleblowers here.

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Robust data security is the basis for all functions in the WhistleB system.


It provides high levels of information security, personal data management and has been independently audited. WhistleB has ISO27001 certification and uses Microsoft Azure as its hosting and development platform. It is compliant with national data protection laws, including the EU GDPR and the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive. All data is hosted in the EU.

Security and compliance assurances

GDPR Compliance Statement – an independent assessment of the WhistleB system that confirms compliance with GDPR requirements.


Certification of Security Testing – an independent security audit of the web application.

WhistleB Information Security Brief – includes overview of quality control, certifications and assessments of the WhistleB system.


Compliance Statement ISMS – confirmation that the WhistleB information security framework is aligned to Swedish and international security standards.