How does the WhistleB whistleblowing system comply with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive?

The NAVEX WhistleB whistleblowing system adheres to the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive (“Directive”) requirements and continuously monitors national legislation to maintain compliance. Using NAVEX WhistleB, your organization can meet the Directive’s minimum standards.

These standards, along with the ways our system supports you in meeting them, include:


1. Secure channels for receiving reports and ensuring confidentiality

NAVEX WhistleB’s end-to-end encrypted communication guarantees technical anonymity for whistleblowers and protects the identities of all involved.


2. Prompt acknowledgment of receipt

Secure communications and clear next steps allow organizations to provide confirmation to whistleblowers within seven days of receiving the report – and understand what to do afterward.


3. Impartial follow-up and communication

The NAVEX WhistleB Case Management tool allows users to follow up on cases after receiving a report.


4. Complete and confidential record keeping

NAVEX WhistleB includes activity and user logs, ensuring secure record-keeping throughout case management and investigation.


5. Diligent follow-up on reports

Our Resource Center provides information on national legal requirements, guiding organizations in meeting reporting standards. You can also set automated case deadline reminders for case managers.


6. Timely feedback for whistleblowers

NAVEX WhistleB enables feedback to be provided to the reporter within three months of the acknowledgment of receipt.


7. Accessible information on external reporting

Once confirmed by each region’s legislation, the NAVEX WhistleB Resource Centre offers up-to-date, clear information on external reporting procedures.


8. GDPR-compliant processing

NAVEX WhistleB’s encrypted system, secure EU data storage and controlled access ensure compliance with the GDPR requirements for handling personal data.