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Try the WhistleB whistleblowing system for a full 30 days, for free. You will have access to basic features and possibilities of the system. See for yourself why customers in 100+ countries on all continents use the WhistleB service to combat unethical behaviour and mitigate risks.

In the Free trial version you can

  • Receive messages.
  • Establish a dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower.
  • Manage & close cases according to local laws, where you operate.

Staying silent is costly

Fraud and corruption are global key issues, a typical organisation loses 5% of annual revenues to fraud. (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 2016)

Let your people´ voices be heard

#MeToo changes attitudes. Do your people have a true chance to raise their voices? We have a solution: an internal & secure communication channel that allows for anonymous reporting & dialogue. Let your people´ voices be heard.




Free Trial