Data privacy and security are key when implementing a whistleblowing service, in order to safeguard the anonymity of a whistleblower and to protect sensitive customer data. WhistleB presents their next generation whistleblowing service at Microsoft Tech Days in Stockholm, 25-26 October.

WhistleB´s whistleblowing service offers industry leading security, it has been designed to ensure that information security, including personal data management, is considered in all decisions during development and throughout the lifecycle of the service.

– Building trust in the service and protecting sensitive data is paramount for all WhistleB customers. The principles of security by default and by design are embedded in the WhistleB service. It is inspiring to have the possibility to present our service to the high tech demanding public of Microsoft Tech Days, says Karin Henriksson, Co-founder of WhistleB.

The WhistleB service is truly global and requires the highest level of flexibility. We offer the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings and it conforms to the strictest data protection laws in the world.

– We enable customers to manage their data in compliance with data protection regulations, for example through secure data retention and deletion, user logs for secure follow up of case management and clear guidelines. We welcome and comply with the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), says Gunilla Hadders, Co-Founder of WhistleB.


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