Webinar: WhistleB 2019 customer study on organisational whistleblowing

mars 13, 2019

WhistleB has released its fourth annual customer study on organisational whistleblowing. Through an anonymous survey, we ask our customers questions related to how they use their whistleblowing system and the outcomes that arise from having a secure, digital whistleblowing system in place.

  • In this webinar we shared insights and experiences from customers that use our whistleblowing system. They answered anonymously questions including:
  • How many messages have been received through the whistleblower system?
  • What types of questions are raised through the whistleblowing system?
  • What proportion of the whistleblowing messages have led to an investigation of the matter reported?
  • Which roles are included in whistleblowing teams?

We can already reveal that this year, our customers responded overwhelmingly that an increased number of whistleblowing reports is received, organisations are opening up their whistleblowing system to external stakeholders and the whistleblowing hotline is seen as a key tool for building trust.


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