Webinar: learn from a WhistleB customer – challenges and best practices when rolling out the whistleblowing system

janvier 27, 2019

Watch the recording of the webinar whenever it suites you best. In this webinar Angélique Parisot-Potter, Group Senior Vice President & General Counsel at Massy Group of Companies shares her insights with regard to setting up the WhistleB whistleblowing system in her organisation. Angélique will discuss the main challenges she encounters and the best practices she developed while enhancing Massy’s organisational ethics and compliance culture.

Key topics:

  • Learn from the experiences of a WhistleB customer
  • What challenges may you encounter setting up a whistleblowing culture, and how to tackle them?
  • Best practices of organisational whistleblowing

Organisational whistleblowing: A trustworthy whistleblowing system is essential for preventing and minimising the risk of inappropriate conduct. Since 2011 WhistleB has been helping organisations globally to establish a flexible and user-friendly solution that has market-leading security.

  • The Massy Group, which has been in operation since 1932, is a diversified regional conglomerate with operations throughout the Caribbean basin, Colombia and South Florida.
  • The Group employs over 11,000 people in our retail, distribution, automotive and industrial equipment, energy and gas products, financial services and other business sectors. With over 60 operating companies across six business segments comprising Massy Holdings, the Group can leverage significant synergies and deliver greater growth and value for stakeholders. Massy is a public company which is traded on the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange.
  • Angélique Parisot-Potter joined the Group and the Executive Committee on 1 March 2016. Angélique has over twenty-five years as a lawyer including extensive international experience in the oil & gas sector working in the UK, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago and Egypt operating in complex, multi-jurisdictional environments and high-risk regions. Angélique has held many leadership positions in legal, compliance and administrative areas, and her expertise includes energy, M&A, corporate governance, compliance, employment, labour law and the financial and construction industries.
  • Angélique is a qualified UK Solicitor entitled to practice in the Commonwealth Caribbean, and, as the Group’s General Counsel she leads a high performing team of ethical legal professionals with a focus on collaboration and helping to shape discussion and debate around business issues. Angélique’s role as a member of the Executive Committee also includes leading and developing the Group’s Business Integrity framework.

Read our interview with Ms Parisot-Potter: Speaking up about compliance and ethics. Insights from the Caribbean





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