Time magazine’s Person of the Year edition went to “The Silence Breakers”, who stared the #MeToo campaign by sharing their stories about sexual harassment. It led to a world-wide revolution against harassment.

# MeToo has also had a significant impact on companies and organisations, that want to combat unethical behavior and fight for a transparent working climate.

“ Companies want to address this crucial issue. They are demanding a secure channel for sounding the alarm about harassment and other unethical behavior internally. The possibility to report anonymously and to establish an anonymous dialogue are vital features.”, says Gunilla Hadders, Co-Founder of WhistleB.

metoo harassment

WhistleB Voices: Sweden-based WhistleB whistleblowing offers companies and organisations – all around the world – a safe on line service, for sounding the alarm on harassment and unethical behavior within the organisation. The service is easy to use, available in any language and offers with industry-leading security standards, to protect sensitive information och personal data.

The WhistleB service is used globally by companies, organisations and public authorities of all sizes, in 100+ countries and more than 40 languages.


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