HR managers have a key role in ensuring sound values in a business. New digital solutions can help reducing significant business risks and make processes more efficient. WhistleB’s whistleblowing service is an example of a new digital tool that supports HR in detecting and preventing risks, as well as creating the conditions for a secure and attractive working environment.

Proactive HR managers play a crucial part in minimising business risks by addressing key issues such as discrimination, harassment and bribery. HR can guide people away from a culture of silence.

Working preventively with company values and continuously working on getting buy-in is the foundation for maintaining a culture of good business ethics within the organisation. New digital solutions help companies in this work by making it possible to receive alert messages from employees at an early stage. When a company has a whistleblowing service, it communicates that it is serious about its values and code of conduct. “Employees need secure digital channels; they should be able to sound the alarm quickly, simply, anonymously and without risk of reprisals”, says Gunilla Hadders, one of the founders of WhistleB.

« A whistleblowing service deals with sensitive data, and individuals who sound the alarm must be able to feel confident that they are and remain anonymous. Microsoft Azure’s platform enables WhistleB’s service to support security, both in terms of the employee and the information, in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the GDPR, for example.Microsoft offers the most comprehensive and secure cloud solution globally”, says Daniel Akenine, Security Manager at Microsoft Sweden.


Daniel Akenine
National Technology Officer Microsoft


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