5 training sessions with whistleblowing experts

The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive places new legal obligations on all EU organisations with 50 or more employees. It was passed in 2019 and will enter into law in less than two years. Also, the GDPR and national data privacy legislation affect how organisational whistleblowing should be set up and managed.

This course aims to get you fully prepared to handle whistleblowing cases in accordance with the new whistleblower protection directive by introducing you to the WhistleB system, which complies both with the EU Directive and the GDPR.  WhistleB and participants will share best practices and their experience.

Get trained by the experts

WhistleB has worked with organisational whistleblowing since 2011. We serve customers in 150 countries on all continents, and in 60 languages. Our customers include companies in various sectors and of various sized as well as investors, public authorities and associations.

Lead trainer:

Jan Stappers, General Counsel of WhistleB

The course consists of

  • 5 on-line training sessions:
  1. Legal requirements (EU whistleblower protection directive and GDPR).
  2. Secure and efficient case handling process. Organisation.
  3. Investigations.
  4. Build trust – Communication.
  5. Cases studies. Concrete examples of how cases and investigations are carried out.


  • 1 individual session/consultation.


  • Free use of the WhistleB system for one year.


  • You will receive a diploma at the end of the course.


Course dates (approx. once a month)

February 3rd at 10.00-11.30 CET

March 2nd at 10.00-11.30 CET

April 6th at 10.00-11.30 CET

May 4th at 10.00-11.30 CET

June 1st at 10.00-11.30 CET


The training sessions are recorded and will be available on-line if you miss any of the sessions.

Individual session/consultation will be scheduled to suit you.

Price: EUR 2 500

Including 5 on-line training sessions, 1 individual training session/consultation, WhistleB system for one year and diploma.

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