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Set up a trustworthy whistleblowing software with a powerful plan. You choose between three unique plans for organisational whistleblowing. Each plan brings you years of whistleblowing experience underpinned by valuable customer feedback. Whichever plan you choose, you will benefit from an easy-to-use and secure solution. We offer easy accessible support and are dedicated to offer the best experience during implementation and operations.

Plan features
Anonymous communication with employees Accessible 24/7/365 from any device through a unique web address. A person can anonymously or openly send a message about a suspected wrongdoing. Dialogue with the anonymous person is possible thanks to passwords provided at the end of the reporting session. You can receive and send an unlimited number of messages. Up to 500 Up to 10 000 Unlimited
Questionnaire & information Texts and a questionnaire based on best practices, including national legal requirements on whistleblowing. Choose the Buffet or the A la Carte plan to customise texts and the questionnaire according to your needs. Standard Customisable Customisable
Languages The Communication channel is available in any language. Please choose the plan that fits your needs. Up to 2 Up to 15 Unlimited
Multiple channels, phone reporting Set up separate web-based communication channels for different target groups (e.g. employees or suppliers) or set up a Communication portal when you want to direct messages to different receivers (e.g. by category or country). You can also offer a phone (voice) channel that allows you to have a dialogue with an anonymous person. All messages are received in the Case management tool. Optional Yes
Users Easy user-management, including different user roles, allows for an efficient and secure handling of cases. 2 10 Unlimited
Translation support Available in the encrypted tool from professional translators and/or through secure machine translation. - Optional Yes
Statistics On-line statistics are available according to the categories chosen by you, and can easily be made into reports for information and decision-making. Corporate statistics enable your organisation to analyse aggregated data in a simple way. - Optional Yes
Advanced case management Features that help you to manage and keep track of large investigations. For example, you can easily and securely communicate with both users and external parties. You can also delegate cases to appropriate case managers and investigators. - Optional Yes
Adaptable to your organisation The whistleblowing system can be adapted to support the organisational set up and case management process that best fits your organisation. - Optional Yes
Implementation support Efficient, correct and positive roll-out of your whistleblowing system in a way that suits your organisation. Our Customer resource centre is available for all plans. It includes a step-by-step guide on how to launch your whistleblowing system, as well as templates for legal guidelines and communication (including films). The implementation meetings available in the Buffet plan give you hands-on advice on all aspects of setting up a whistleblowing service. For À la Carte customers, full implementation support is available based on your requirements. Customer resource site Tried & tested process Key account team
Customer support An easy-to-use Help function is available in the Case management tool. Support is available during office hours CET. If you would like additional support availability this can be offered based on your needs. As a WhistleB customer you are always close to whistleblowing expertise. A la Carte customers benefit from a dedicated Key account team. Yes Yes Key account team
Industry-leading data security and legal compliance Compliance with ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and the GDPR. Security features include secure log in, data encryption and performance and security monitoring, all day, every day. External security assessments are carried out on a regular basis. Yes Yes Yes
Price per month
200 € 300 – 1250 € According to needs
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ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant

Used in 150+ countries

Reached by 40+ million people

All whistleblower software plans include the following


Secure two-way communication, possibility to report anonymously.


Tool for handling cases efficiently and appropriately.


Legal and communication support that you need.


ISO 27001 & 27018, GDPR compliant. 

Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform, Microsoft

Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform, Microsoft “Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers around the world can easily find, buy, and deploy partner solutions they can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure… We’re happy to welcome WhistleB’s solution to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem.” WhistleB – Microsoft Azure »

Kenneth Magnusson, Quality Manager, NIBE

The WhistleB Case management tool provides us with a user-friendly interface that enables dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower, secure translations and third party investigations. The service was efficiently implemented. WhistleB took the lead for the entire implementation process.”

Caroline Jakobsson, Head of Corporate Governance, Stena Group

WhistleB is an easy to use system, with relevant features that facilitate the monitoring of reported cases. It is easy to stay in touch with the whistleblower, who remains completely anonymous and we are notified by e-mail as soon as a new report or a follow up answer is received. With the professional guidance of the WhistleB team the system was very easy to implement.”

Johan Ek, Senior Legal Counsel, Swedfund

WhistleB has a thorough knowledge in the field of organizational whistleblowing, provides a global tool, that is easy to adapt, and has a service minded attitude.”

Håkan Zinders, Sustainability manager, Almi

Both for our management and for the owner the whistleblower system is a hygienic factor.”

Anna Annerås, Director, Ecolean

“ With a credible whistleblowing system we show that we care about our employees and how we conduct our business. WhistleB filled all our criteria as a supplier; they had thorough whistleblowing expertise and a system that creates confidence through a high level of safety and stylish design. WhistleB has been incredibly professional and service-oriented.”

Madeleine Jennefelt, Legal Counsel, Resurs Holding

We are very satisfied with the service that WhistleB offers. The interface is user-friendly and the system ensures anonymity and transparency. The implementation was carried out efficiently and we got valuable advice and assistance throughout the roll-out phase.”

Pehr Ohlsson, Head of Labour Relations, Axfood

WhistleB delivers good service and is attentive to any possible development needs of the system.”

Tuija Luukkanen, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Tornator

“The cooperation with WhistleB has been smooth and effortless. The whistleblowing system was implemented with a tight schedule. We have also opened a phone reporting hotline for one of our markets.”

Gunilla Hadders, Founder of WhistleB

“We have packaged our years of experience in the WhistleB off-the-shelf whistleblowing system, so our customers can enjoy a straightforward launch of a modern whistleblowing system.”

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