Checklist for a trustworthy whistleblowing service

Would you like to set up a trustworthy whistleblowing service? Feel free to use this Checklist template.
The Checklist template for a trustworthy whistleblowing service includes from Reporting, Case Management and Investigation to Legal Compliance, Adaptability and Data Security.

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Checklist for a trustworthy whistleblowing service

  • Are your Code of Conduct and other behavioural codes linked to the whistleblowing channel?
  • Do you explain why you have the whistleblowing channel in place, how the security of the service is organised and how you protect the whistleblower’s anonymity?
  • Have you clearly explained and given examples of issues that should, and should not, be reported through the whistleblowing channel?
  • Has the whistleblowing channel been endorsed by the Board of Directors, Management and by the Works Council or employee representative?
  • Is the whistleblowing channel accessible 24/7/365 from all devices with internet access, including smartphones?
  • Is it possible to report while remaining anonymous and untraceable, and is it possible to establish a dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower?
  • Is it easy to upload supporting documents, such as pictures, film clips or excel files?
  • Can you ensure that there is no tracking of a whistleblower’s metadata, including the IP address?
  • Is your whistleblowing channel provided by an external service provider to ensure anonymity?
Case management and investigation
  • Is your whistleblowing team instantly notified of incoming reports, e.g. by sms and/or email?
  • Do you have guidelines and routines in place for the investigation process?
  • Do you have a Case management tool for efficient handling of reports, including the possibility to safely assign or delegate cases to the right level in the organisation?
  • Do you have secure translation support?
  • Have you appointed an appropriately competent person to manage whistleblowing cases?
  • Do you have a mechanism for acknowledging receipt of the report and following up on case management progress with the whistleblower?
  • Do you allow the whistleblower to have the report dealt with at subsidiary or group level?
Follow up
  • Can you easily create statistics, e.g. number of reports sorted by time period, areas of concern or geographical area?
  • Are you able to present the outcomes of investigations in whistleblowing reports internally and externally, improving transparency, credibility and conduct?
  • Does your whistleblowing system provide tools for timely follow-up to the whistleblower?
Data security
  • Is data encrypted during storage, transmission and in back-ups?
  • Is data protected against online attacks for all authentications in the service?
  • Is the service vulnerability and penetration tested regularly?
Legal compliance
  • Is the whistleblowing service compliant with current laws and regulations on data protection in all countries where you offer the whistleblowing channel?
  • Is the service fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
  • Are user logs created for follow up and audits? If your organisation operates in the EU, is it compliant with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive?
  • Are the rights and obligations of the whistleblower ensured and explained, e.g. whistleblower protection?
  • Are the rights and obligations of the person or people implicated in the message ensured and explained?
  • Is your whistleblowing channel available in all languages required in the markets where your organisation operates?
  • Is the whistleblowing channel easily customisable to your organisation’s specific situation?
  • Does the whistleblowing channel allow for continuous adaptation to changing circumstances and whistleblowing experience gathered?

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