Why WWF uses WhistleB

June 8, 2021

As the world’s largest independent conservation organization, WhistleB customer WWF International (WWF) needs almost no introduction. If you go to the organization’s website, you can be left in no doubt that this is an organization that is built, and depends, on trust. 

“As a non-profit organization, WWF deeply values the trust that has been placed in us. Partners trust us to carry out joint projects; governments and private entities trust our science and ability to create solutions that serve nature and people; and donors trust us to use their funds to advance conservation. To safeguard this critical trust, WWF is committed to best practices in governance, accountability and transparency.” Leadership | WWF (worldwildlife.org)

WhistleB is proud to support WWF in ensuring transparency and upholding the standards of the organization.  

We interviewed WWF’s Richard Hart, a “Respect in the Workplace” expert within the organization’s Investigations & Compliance division, to find out why WWF selected WhistleB as its whistleblowing service provider.

WhistleB: Richard,tell us a little about WWF.

WWF: WWF is a global network of organisations with a common mission.  The network is made up of independent national organisations, and offices based in countries focusing on particular conservation work. Each arm of the organization must adhere to various Network Standards. WWF International is based in Switzerland and acts as the secretariat for the organisation.

WhistleB: Why is WhistleB a particularly good fit for WWF’s needs? 

WWF: The solution does exactly what we want it to do. It is simple to use, both in terms of reporting issues and the analysis and case management.  

WhistleB: How do you use the service within WWF? 

WWF: We currently use the service in 14 languages with plans for more.  It is available for internal staff, contractors and members of the public. There are three ‘channels’ available for reporting on the landing page; one for internal issues, one for human rights concerns, and one for community complaints.  The WhistleB service works in conjunction with local (people-facing) grievance mechanisms in communities that don’t necessarily have access to the internet, acting as the global repository for all issues raised.

WhistleB: What is the best thing about the service? 

WWF: It gives us confidence that we are complying with data protection regulations across a number of jurisdictions. The landing page is simple and easy to use, and it is available in a vast array of languages. 

WhistleB: What is your experience of the support provided by WhistleB? 

WWF: WhistleB support staff are very prompt and will listen to development suggestions.

WhistleB: Are there any other comments you would like to add?

WWF: I’m looking forward to new updates to make things even easier.

More information about the WhistleB service is available at Premium – WhistleB.


Short summary 

WWF is the world’s largest independent conservation organization. “The WhistleB solution gives us confidence that we are complying with data protection regulations across a number of jurisdictions. The landing page is simple and easy to use, and it is available in a vast array of languages.” Richard Hart, Investigations & Compliance, WWF

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