Whistleblowing webinar – Exploring the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

January 18, 2022

This whistleblowing webinar is for anybody who wants to understand how the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive and ISO 37002 may help to enhance organisational whistleblowing management.

2021 was a momentous year for whistleblowing; July saw the publication of the ISO 37002 guidance on whistleblowing management systems, while the deadline for transposition of the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive came and went in December. Both of these put whistleblowers at the centre as the “safeguarders” of societal welfare. 

In this webinar, Jan Stappers, Senior Manager of partnerships for WhistleB, interviews ISO convenor and professor of business ethics, Wim Vandekerckhove, on various aspects of these two new pieces of the compliance puzzle. Wim’s insightful responses are based on a range of global research into whistleblowing in practice, and founded on a clear organisational social responsibility point of view.

The questions discussed in the webinar include: 

  • Do whistleblowers still need an incentive to report even in a world where retaliation is legally prohibited? 
  • Why would people report even if they do not receive a monetary reward?
  • Will shifting the burden of proof to organisations create inequality of arms?
  • How can organisations make sure that subsidiaries have the right skills to deal with whistleblower reports? 
  • Is there a significant difference between how men and women report? 
  • Why should small organisations that are not covered by the directive still care about whistleblowing? 
  • Many organisations fear they will receive a tsunami of rubbish or malicious reports. Is this likely to occur, and if so, is there a value in getting lots of reports?
  • How much should an organisation spend on a whistleblowing management programme to prevent wrongdoing? 
  • How does an organisation know that it has reached maturity in its whistleblowing management? What are the signs that they are doing well?

The webinar was recorded as part of Compliance Week Europe 2021. It was conducted in English and lasts for 50 minutes. Download the whistleblowing webinar here: Exploring the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

Contact details:

Jan Tadeusz Stappers, LL.M., PgDip, CIPP/E
Senior Manager, Partnerships 


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