Whistleblowing Not a Trend, But a New Standard

September 27, 2018

WHISTLEB GUEST BLOGGER: WhistleB contributs to the ACFE – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Insights section as a guest blogger by sharing the results of the 2018 customer study on organisational whistleblowing. The blog summarises the main findings of questions that were sent to 200 companies, authorities and other organizations using whistleblowing systems.

Here are some of the findings from our study:

  1. Whistleblowing is becoming more popular within companies
    Organizations indicated that they had received a significantly higher number of whistleblowing reports compared to earlier years. On average, organizations received 1 message per 400 employees per year.
  2. Financial irregularities and workplace-related abuses are frequent reporting topics
    Whistleblowing has often been related to matters of fraud and financial wrongdoings. This type of misconduct remains an important part of incoming whistleblowing reports, however the organizations received a growing number of reports concerning workplace-related abuse, such as harassment and  discrimination.

  3. Online reporting marginalizes telephone hotline use
    Online whistleblowing channels accounted for most of all whistleblowing reports received (approximately 90%). With the ever-expanding number of smartphones with internet access, whistleblowers clearly favor online reporting to the traditional telephone hotline.

Read the blog or contact us for more infromation: info@whistleb.com


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