Whistleblowing in Africa

The African Union estimates that corruption costs African economies more than US$ 148 billion dollars each year. This figure represents over 25 percent of Africa’s GDP and increases the cost of doing business in Africa by as much as 20 percent, thereby deterring investment and inhibiting development. In order to address corruption and its associated risks, a concerted effort is needed to put in place a conducive environment that fosters transparency and accountability.

One sure way to fight corruption and ensure ethical business behavior across the continent is through whistleblowing. National Regulations Legislation particularly aimed at protecting whistleblowers in Africa has evolved over recent years and as a result countries in the region have adopted Anti-corruption and whistleblower protection laws (e.g. Uganda, 2010; Tanzania, 2015 etc.). The legal trends developing in the different African countries have made whistleblowing an important part of organizations’ overall ethical code.

Company boards and senior management bear an increasing responsibility for taking preventive anti-corruption measures to comply with the new legislation, and because corporate responsibility issues are growing in strategic importance.

Whistleblowing channels that allow anonymous reporting help foster a climate whereby stakeholders are more likely to report potential wrongdoing. WhistleB is a Sweden based company, offering a next generation whistleblowing service adapted for the African continent. The service is available in 40 languages, including Swahili and Africaans. The solution is a full-service system which includes the reporting channel and the integrated case management tool, as well as legal and communication support, all available online.

To learn more about our service, please schedule a free demo or talk to our experts today www.whistleb.com/africa. Contact us on: micheal.akampa@whistleb.com


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