WhistleB says new EU Whistleblower Protection law is a game-changer but businesses can do more

October 7, 2019

A significant change in EU law is expected to receive final approval today, 7th october 2019. Never before has whistleblowing been given such legitimacy, says WhistleB, the Sweden-based global whistleblowing service provider.

Under the new law, for the first-time companies with 50 employees or more will need to provide internal channels for people to report misconduct. The law also protects employees and others against retaliation when they report on misconduct, such as corruption and product safety.

“We welcome greater protection of whistleblowers. Companies also have everything to gain from uncovering misconduct earlier and managing it internally, professionally and preventatively. But we know they can do more to protect their business,” says Gunilla Hadders, Co-Founder at WhistleB.

For example, WhistleB’s 2019 Customer Survey shows that 50% of all the reports that customers receive are about corruption or harassment. However, the new law does not protect those that report harassment. “Harassment clearly touches many individuals and workplaces daily so company leaders should also be clear that reporting it will help them make the workplace safer,” says Karin Henriksson, the other Co-Founder at WhistleB.

The new directive states that the reporting channels should keep the whistleblower’s identity confidential. “Experience shows us clearly that anonymity is a decisive factor in encouraging people to blow the whistle. It is essential for effective and correct investigations. That’s why companies should allow anonymous reporting and dialogue. If they aim for excellence in whistleblowing processes. Anonymity will remain the most effective way of whistleblower protection”, explains Gunilla Hadders.


Gunilla Hadders, Founder and Partner at WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre
Tel. +46 (0)70 214 88 73, Email gunilla.hadders@whistleb.com

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