Web service, the most preferred Whistleblowing channel

The web is the most prefered whistleblowing channel by compliance officers, this was confirmed in a poll, conducted by WhistleB at the 3rd Summit on Anti-Corruption (Nordics Edition) in November. Compliance professionals and other experts that were attending the conference were asked on what channels they received majority of whistleblowing reports in their organizations, and what channels they preferred to receive reports through.

The results of the poll showed that nearly 80% received majority of the whistleblowing reports through the web service.

WhistleB can confirm this trend among our customers, the web based reporting channel is optimised also for smart phones.

Regarding what channels that they preferred to receive reports through, nearly 80% revealed that they preferred to receive reports through the web service, whereas only one in ten preferred to receive them over the telephone.

Regarding the handling of cases, nearly 70 % revealed that the management of whistleblowing cases was handled internally, whereas approximately 30% revealed that they were handled both internally and externally.

For more information about the WhistleB whistleblowing service and our Expert network, please contact us on info@whistleb.com

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