Depositaries, investment funds and management companies are, according to the EU Directive 2014/91/EU (UCITS V) that came into force in December 2015, required to have a secure whistleblowing channel available for their employees.

WhistleB provides a whistleblowing service, tailored to meet the requirements of the European finance sector on a whistleblowing channel:

Highest possible data security. The web based WhistleB whistleblowing service stands out for its data security solution.

The turnkey solution is delivered online for an immediate launch. The service is adapted to European data protection laws and national guidelines for whistleblowing.

Cost efficient. The WhistleB secure service is the most price competitive on the market, with no implementation costs.

The WhistleB service is used by market leading banks, private and public investors, a Bankers´Association, authorities and retail companies with EU-wide operations.

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