The next step in digital whistleblowing

July 14, 2020

As all organisations with more than 50 employees across Europe face implementing a whistleblowing system for the first time, can a digital whistleblowing solution be an option? Absolutely, if they want a system that is user-friendly, simple to implement, secure… and naturally, affordable. This is according to WhistleB’s founder Gunilla Hadders who has overseen the product development of WhistleB’s digital whistleblowing solution, which has online onboarding to give full support to the newcomers.

“The EU whistleblower protection directive means we have a volume market ahead of us. Many companies will want a system that gets them up and running without too much fuss so that they comply without too much investment. That’s why we have packaged our years of whistleblowing systems experience into this advanced online solution that is nonetheless very simple to deploy and use,” explains Gunilla Hadders.

A digital whistleblowing solution that simplifies start-up

WhistleB has long been a leader in providing online, highly secure whistleblowing systems. Its customers previously tended to be forward-thinking companies focused on strong business ethics. WhistleB now sees a shift in the market, in which even relatively small companies will be required to provide a whistleblowing channel. Many of these companies have very limited experience with compliance or whistleblowing, and/or are not in a position to dedicate unnecessarily heavy resources into such a system. What they need is a cost-effective, user-friendly system that takes care of the technical, legal and security complexities.

Ida Vanhanen leads the development and operation of onboarding of organisations from all over the world from the WhistleB Helsinki site

“We know that companies want to get going as simply and quickly as possible. So we’ve developed our digital whistleblowing service to enable them to go from order to operational in no time, if they need to. We’ve taken our product sign-up and on-boarding process of the last 10 years and moved it online, with the same level of security. So far, the feedback has been fantastic,” explains Ida.

A digital whistleblowing solution packed with expertise

Companies that select WhistleB’s ready-to-launch service are also given access to a resource centre which contains everything they need for implementation and to remain up to date with whistleblowing matters. In a nutshell, the experience and insights of WhistleB’s team, news, communication templates, best-practice and more. This is to help customers also get the related organisational matters right, alongside the digital whistleblowing system.

But in spite of the fully online solution, customers are not completely left alone. A team of people is on-hand to help as needed.

“After each online implementation we contact the new customer to make sure their onboarding has gone well. And that they are confident with communication to their employees as well as compliance with national legislation,” continues Ida.

Customer needs have always driven the direction of WhistleB’s service development. Right now, the focus is on delivering a simple-to-use, digital whistleblowing service that stays ahead of the fast-changing demands of a broadening customer group.

“We want to lead the market which means our product development process has to keep apace. This is only possible if we work incredibly closely with our customers, and retain an on-going dialogue with them to quickly capture their needs and upgrade the system,” summarises Gunilla Hadders.

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Gunilla Hadders
WhistleB Founder and Advisor
46 (0)70 214 88 73


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