The End of Safe Harbour – implications on whistleblowing

Companies that have whistleblowing services through which personal data is transferred from the EU/EEA area to the USA should be aware that this is no longer possible under the scheme of Safe Harbour.

There are a number of exceptions from the general prohibition to transfer personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA and until recently, one of the exceptions was transfer to the USA when the Safe Harbour scheme was applicable.

However, October 6 constitutes the end of the Safe Harbour scheme following a judgment from the Court of Justice of the European Union declaring the Commission’s US Safe Harbour Decision invalid. This means that it is no longer permitted to transfer personal data to the USA only referring to the safe harbour scheme.

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For more information about the implications on whistleblowing schemes because of the end of Safe Harbour, or to learn more about WhistleB´s next generation whistleblowing service, please contact:
Gunilla Hadders, Founding Partner, WhistleB

“The most powerful weapon against fraud is not an algorithm or a checklist, but a whistleblower.”
The Economist, 2014


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