The Black Box of Corporate Governance – An Interview with Sandra Guerra, Brazil

Boards of directors revealed by those who live inside them. Sandra Guerra, one of the forerunners of corporate Governança Corporativagovernance in Brazil, has served as an advisor and chairman of boards of directors since 1995. Her research focus has been the board of directors, the highest governance body.

As a natural development of such a successful career, Sandra Guerra wrote the book THE BLACK BOX OF GOVERNANCE, based on 27 interviews with counselors in Brazil and abroad and in a survey answered anonymously by 102 counselors.

Behavioral Compass

Sandra tells us in the book that the concepts were based on interviews she conducted with leading internationally recognized professionals in governance such as Sir Adrian Cadbury, creator of the Cadbury Report; Ira Millstein, Chairman Emeritus of the Board of the Private Sector Advisory Group of the Global Corporate Governance Forum; Mervyn King, president emeritus of the Global Reporting Initiative; and Robert Monks, a pioneer of activism in governance, known worldwide as the “father of governance” and founder of Institutional Shareholder Services.

As a result, The Book is a guide to navigate between behavioral traps and to make interactions more productive with the board.

A privileged window to the environments of the boards

In addition to the anonymous interviews, Sandra tells the book with valuable contributions from professionals such as Cesar Souza – Grupo Empreenda; Henrique Luz – PwC Brasil; Fernando Carneiro – Spencer Stuart; and Luiz Carlos Cabrera – Panelli, Motta, Cabrera and Associates, bringing a privileged view of the boardrooms.

Compulsory and obliging reading …

The Black Box of Governance is obligatory reading for those who pass through the boardrooms. With the high density of information and real cases that it offers us, one could think of a painful reading. Pure mistake! The book is practical, with impeccable style and extremely pleasurable reading. It’s one of those that we read from cover to cover in one sitting!

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Jorge Secaf, General Manager of WhistleB in Brazil, interviewed Sandra Guerra about the book The Black Box of Governance. Watch the video as an aperitif for the book’s rewarding and informative reading.

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