The anti-discrimination toolkit – can online whistleblowing systems be a useful tool?

Here at WhistleB we’re following developments related to the EU’s strengthening of anti-discrimination laws with great interest.

We are receiving queries from our customers about how and whether our system can be of value in responding to these new anti-discrimination requirements.  Equal treatment is a subject that’s close to our hearts, and we see the tightened laws as a key step for organisations in securing a sustainable and ethical business.

In Sweden the laws came into effect on January 1st 2017, and are strongly focused on the active prevention of discrimination. Prevention includes identification and mitigation of risks for discrimination and the laws state that organisations need to take actions to prevent discrimination and promote equal treatment. In Finland, recent legislation requires employers to implement measures to promote equality within their organisation.

The developments in Sweden and Finland align with a European trend towards a more proactive approach, with more responsibility being placed on employers to take initiative rather than merely respond to complaints.

We see a clear opportunity for our customers to use online whistleblowing systems also as the platform for a systemic approach to prevent discrimination.  They offer employees an easily available communication channel to report risks as well as ideas for improvements.

At the end of the day, when workplace environment and anti-discrimination efforts are integrated, employers increase their chances of success. A safe and healthy environment that’s free of discrimination is the backbone for a sustainable business.

For more informations, contact:

Gunilla Hadders, Partner and Senior Advisor, WhistleB

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About WhistleB: WhistleB is a global whistleblowing service provider, operating in 100 markets on all continents. Our customers include global and local companies in many sectors, both public and private. We are dedicated to delivering a service with market leading security.


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