Stand firmly against corruption, and win a free Whistleblowing system by WhistleB

December 9th 2016 sees the United Nations’ International Anti-Corruption Day. It’s a day when the UN reminds us all of the disastrous impacts corruption has on development when funds that should be devoted to schools, health clinics and other vital public services are instead diverted into the hands of criminals or dishonest officials.

According to Transparency International – Sweden, whistleblowing is the most effective tool for fighting corruption. That’s no surprise to us at WhistleB as that what we help our customers do – every day.

So on December 9th we will stand with like-minded world citizens to “…firmly reject corruption and embrace instead the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance.” Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General

What will you do? How can you show your stakeholders, investors, employees, customers and suppliers that you are committed to combatting corruption in all its forms?

Why not enter the WhistleB Anti-Corruption Day competition? You can win your organisation a free world-leading Whistleblowing service for two years.  All you have to do is explain why you would like to set up a whistleblowing system in your organisation. Send your motivation along with your contact details (name, position, organisation, telephone and e-mail) to us at:


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