This year we are approaching the year-end with an enormous sense of optimism. Here’s why.

We started WhistleB in late 2011 with the intention of offering the best and most secure whistleblower service solution globally. Ever since then we have been working intensively towards that goal, step-by-step. So, when we stop and look up, it’s truly inspiring to realise that today we are surrounded by colleagues and partners, who are experts in their fields, and committed to the same goal.

And we are a multi-cultural team too! Thankful that we can work virtually, beyond geographical barriers, benefitting from a world of creative input.

Talking of which, we recently met with Delphine Becker based in the UK. We immediately felt that she would fit right into our team, and we are delighted that she will now head up our sales globally. The old saying, “a satisfied customer is not enough” fits Delphine perfectly, and she comes to us with years of experience from supporting global customers with whistleblower services.

At the end of the day though what matters is the results for our customers. We have the honour of cooperating with companies and organisations that want to compete fairly and treat their employees justly. As we reflect back on 2018, we are proud to say that this year, our customers have been able to put a stop to, or prevent, sexual harassment, fraud and cases of corruption.

What better mission can we have than to help customers protect their business operations and their people?

With that, we wish you a very happy holiday season.


Gunilla Hadders, Founder of WhistleB in TV interview

Owners blog on Customer strudy 2018

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