Once again this year, risk prevention was cited as one of the key benefits of having a whistleblowing system in place

April 28, 2020

We recently released the results of WhistleB’s 5th annual customer survey on organisational whistleblowing. Once again this year, risk prevention was cited as one of the key benefits of having a whistleblowing system in place, underlining how business leaders increasingly accept the value of whistleblowing in risk prevention plans and business sustainability.

When conducting our customer survey, and in ongoing customer dialogues, we hear countless anecdotes about how the whistleblowing system helps our customers get ahead of risks before they cause too much damage to people and the company.  The anecdotes and findings confirm what we have known for a long time. Secure whistleblowing systems help prevent bad things happening to good companies!


The embracing of whistleblowing

It has been interesting for us to watch the shift in attitudes towards whistleblowing over the years. In the media, in the legal space, and in public and private organisations alike, whistleblowers are beginning to be seen as heroes. As recently as last week, a BBC article on the definition of today’s heroes placed whistleblowers in the heroic category. We are also seeing books being written and films being made heralding the contribution of whistleblowers.

This is in stark contrast to when we first started WhistleB more than a decade ago. We remember the process of choosing a name for the company. Could we possibly go with “WhistleB” when the word “whistleblower” was so loaded with negative sentiment?

In our opinion, the shift in media tone is a long overdue acknowledgement of the courage of the whistleblower. Whistleblowers put themselves, their careers, sometimes even their families at risk to help others. They are loyal employees who want to help the company succeed. Can there be a better kind of employee?

Recognition of the value of whistleblowers has now reached the world’s lawmakers too. More laws are being passed to protect whistleblowers as a way to encourage them to voice their concerns. One of the most recent is the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, which will require all companies in EU member states with more than 50 employees to implement a safe internal channel for whistleblowers in the coming years.

Further, pioneering companies that have already implemented professional whistleblowing systems proudly communicate about them nowadays, such as in annual reports or in sustainability reports. Our annual customer survey also showed that more customers are opening up their whistleblowing systems to external stakeholders to report concerns. This is testimony to the role of whistleblowing in creating transparency and bolstering risk prevention by bringing issues up to the surface.


Whistleblowing systems – a simple step in risk prevention

A shift towards transparent, ethical business, a shift in attitudes towards whistleblowers, a shift in the legal landscape… all of this has led to the acceptance and professionalisation of whistleblowing.

As companies begin to understand the value of whistleblowing as a risk prevention tool, they are looking for help to manage whistleblowing reports correctly. The International Standards Organisation has recognised this and is well along the path in developing the ISO 37002. This is a new standard aimed at guiding organisations in managing the full cycle of whistleblowing, and WhistleB is actively involved in the development process.

Concurrently, as whistleblowing systems providers we have fine-tuned our offering to help companies handle the whole process of whistleblowing professionally and simply. Our many years in the market, and experience helping hundreds of customers has enabled us to pinpoint exactly what companies need of their whistleblowing systems – security, simplicity, scalability, affordability, ease-of-usability, legal compliance… to name just a few attributes.

WhistleB has developed a digital whistleblowing system that can be up and running within a few clicks. The investment in the whistleblowing system is low, the start-up effort is minimal, yet the value in risk prevention is potentially huge.

We end where we started… customers tell us that whistleblowing works. And as business leaders look for practical, effective ways to reduce risk and boost the resilience of their companies, they would do well to keep whistleblowing systems in mind.

If you want to find out more about how secure online whistleblowing systems can help your organisation in risk prevention, read more about our service here or contact us.


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