Implementing a digital whistleblowing solution has never been easier

June 11, 2020

With just a couple of online clicks, a highly secure, fully digital whistleblowing solution can now be ordered, delivered and implemented in your organisation. So why are companies increasingly turning to digital whistleblowing?

Why digital whistleblowing?

Some of the major benefits of digital whistleblowing, in contrast to hotlines or email-based systems include:

  • Security & compliance – Digital systems can allow a whistleblower to report anonymously and ensure they remain so throughout any follow-up dialogue. Further, a digital whistleblowing solution significantly reduces information security risks since data remains in the secure digital solution at all times, throughout the entire case management process. This avoids sensitive data sitting in any one person’s in-box or computer. Further, WhistleB’s digital whistleblowing solution has been designed with compliance embedded. Consequently, the system automatically helps companies to comply with all relevant data protection laws, such as the EU GDPR, as well as the EU whistleblower protection directive.
  • Simplicity & efficiency – An order can be placed immediately, a plan drawn up, and the solution delivered digitally ready for implementation. Companies can be on-boarded and up-and-running directly afterwards. What’s more, the digitally enabled reporting and case management system automates certain processes reducing the latency time for handling a report.
  • Flexibility & cost efficiency – WhistleBs digital solution can be scaled up or down as the needs of the company change. Additional functionality, users and languages can be selected, ordered and delivered online. All of the above points make the WhistleB digital whistleblowing solution an interesting option that is very good value for money.

From WhistleB’s perspective, a digital whistleblowing solution also enables us to get closer to our customers and deliver an even greater customer experience at every stage of the process. For us, that is the ultimate answer to why digital whistleblowing!

Interested? If so, read more about WhistleB’s digital whistleblowing solution here, or follow this link to order online.

“We have already received orders for the digital solution since the online onboarding was launched at the end of May. We believe that customers are attracted by the combination of the strict security, compliance with data protection laws, simplicity in implementation and use, flexibility and not least cost-effectiveness that our digital whistleblowing solution offers,” explains Gunilla Hadders, one of WhistleB’s co-founders.


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