II Compliance Across Americas Congress

September 10, 2019

The Congress

The II Compliance Across Americas Congress was held in São Paulo from September 5 – 7, with more than 700 participants, about 60 well-known speakers and 20 companies exhibiting whistleblowing solutions to support compliance programs. WhistleB participated with its modern, secure whistleblowing hotline that is easy to use for both the reporter and the organisation.  WhistleB’s whistleblowing hotline is also ISO 27001 certified and adheres to the GDPR and LGPD guidelines.

II Compliance Across Americas is organized by the ESENI – School of Corporate Ethics, Business and Innovation, which works in partnership with Frankfurt’s Europa-Universität Viadrina, the Compliance Academy Münster, InstituteCompliance.com, PUCRS, IBDEE – Brazilian Institute Business Ethics, Mackenzie College of Law and the ARC Institute.

During the two days of the fair connected to the congress, participants were able to learn about a number of solutions and services that support compliance programs, including law firms, research specialists and comprehensive computer systems for managing compliance programs.



The WhistleB whistleblowing hotline

The WhistleB whistleblowing hotline was one of the highlights of the exhibition, appreciated for how it facilitates the success of compliance programs, and ensures proper receipt and handling of stakeholder reports.

WhistleB’s whistleblowing hotline, both a digital system via the internet and an 0800 phone line, removes the barriers to a possible whistleblowing report being made. A whistleblower may have major concerns when blowing the whistle so the process should be as simple and the channel as accessible as possible, and it should also allow for dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower.

Multi-language reporting functionality allows whistleblowers to use their own language, which helps them feel more comfortable and provides more accurate reporting. It also has the functionality to add supporting material to the report, such as files and photos, with total confidentiality guaranteed.

Cases are processed in the case management tool, which is embedded within the reporting channel and integrates seamlessly with the system as a whole to enable efficient monitoring and ongoing dialogue with the whistleblower. The case management tool is intuitive and provides a framework for the most appropriate steps to be taken throughout the process, which helps the whistleblowing team properly manage and investigate cases.

In order to fully comply with applicable legal requirements such as the GDPR, the case management tool includes case archiving and deletion features. WhistleB offers its customers an agile process for the effective implementation of the whistleblowing hotline. While the channel is not the only tool in an organisation’s arsenal for combatting misconduct, it demonstrates to stakeholders that the organisation is serious about complying with and following its Code of Conduct, and promoting a culture of compliance and the highest standards of  business ethics. It also gives employees the opportunity to do their part and be accountable, reporting in good faith something they suspect through a reporting channel they trust.

About WhistleB

WhistleB is a global whistleblowing service provider and business ethics & compliance expert. We help customers to foster a safe and more transparent work environment. The WhistleB whistleblowing hotline is currently used in more than 150 countries.

Our story

WhistleB was founded in 2011. From the very beginning, our goal has been to provide a whistleblowing service with industry-leading security and user-friendliness. We are grateful for the confidence that our customers have placed in us, across all continents.


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