Free trial of WhistleB’s whistleblowing system – simple, secure, speedy

September 15, 2020

Why might a free trial of WhistleB’s whistleblowing system be just what you’re looking for? Perhaps yours is one of tens of thousands of organisations across Europe that will soon be legally obliged to provide such a system. Perhaps your board has asked you to look into modern, online tools for reducing business risks. Or perhaps this is part of a continued journey towards more transparent and ethical business for your organisation. Whatever your situation, if you’re new to the world of whistleblowing it is likely to be unfamiliar, uncertain territory for you – and your employees. So why not make the unknown known with this free trial of WhistleB’s whistleblowing system?

Why is WhistleB offering a free trial of its recently updated whistleblowing system?
We are all about keeping things simple for customers, and potential customers. By the end of 2021, a new law will come into force in Europe requiring all companies with more than 50 employees to put in place whistleblowing channels. With this comes complex questions related to IT and data security, compliance with GDPR and other EU and national laws, ethics issues and more. 

Often, companies don’t have the knowledge, resources or desire to deal with these matters. As providers of a secure digital whistleblowing system, we do. And we’ve packaged our years of experience into a user-friendly whistleblowing tool that is easy to order, implement, manage and use – all online. This is our way to make the complex simple and cost-effective to help organisations of all sizes get up and running – and comply – quickly. In response to market demand, we’ve also recently digitalised more of the processes surrounding the system, and we’re eager to let you test them through a free trial of the whistleblowing system.

What has changed within the WhistleB system?
WhistleB has always been a secure, online system. Our recent updates mean that you can now order, purchase and go through the on-boarding process digitally. We have added a new resource centre giving round-the-clock support for the most common issues, as well access to our knowledge and experience online. It’s an IT implementation where no face-to-face meetings are needed, and without hefty fees for consultants and training. 

Who is the WhistleB online system for?
The WhistleB service is used by companies all over Europe and across all industries. Smaller organisations, national banks and multinational companies alike trust the tool to help them uncover misconduct, act quickly to stop it and protect their long-term success. Whatever your industry or size, you are welcome to register for a free trial of the whistleblowing system.

What is included in the free trial of the whistleblowing system?
For 14 days, the free trial gives you access to some of the key parts of the whistleblowing system. You will: 

  • Experience the ease of the digital on-boarding process
  • Test the reporting channel, as a whistleblower would use it to alert you to about misconduct
  • Try out the case management tool for following up, responding and investigating cases
  • Use the statistics function to understand the kind of insight the system can provide

Ready to register for the free trial of WhistleB’s whistleblowing system? It’s simple. Click here to go to our brand-new website, and follow the instructions. 

But if you have any other questions about whistleblowing systems, feel free to contact us. 


Gunilla Hadders, co-author and Senior Advisor at WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre
+46  70 214 88 73,


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