We have the pleasure to introduce you to our partnership with Forensic Risk Alliance FRA, an expert service provider in compliance, investigations, and data analytics.  FRA specializes in cross-border litigation and multi-jurisdictional investigations and provide global eDiscovery solutions, data protection advice, forensic accounting, and data analytics services. FRA has a strong experience of advising international businesses based in the Nordic countries.

The purpose of this cooperation is to present an experienced partner, that can be helpful for professionals managing investigations of whistleblowing cases. FRA’s whistleblowing investigation support model can be tailored to suit client requirements. “We draw on our deep experience of investigating whistleblowing events, our experience of adequate procedures and our knowledge of what active regulators will consider best practice as part of a functioning control framework.” Derek Patterson, Principal at FRA


For more information, please contact Derek Patterson, Principal at FRA, at dpatterson@forensicrisk.com or on +44 (0)20 7831 9110.

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