Film: What does the new Swedish Whistleblower Protection law mean for you?

September 10, 2021

On 29 September, the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament)  is expected to vote on the proposed new Swedish Whistleblower Protection law. If the law is accepted, it will mean that, for the first time ever, organisations in Sweden with 50 employees or more will be obligated to implement a whistleblower system. 

How can you start preparing? What does the law mean in practice for your organisation? 

Watching this film will give you a great start. It features a conversation between Rebecka Thörn, lawyer and partner at Delphi law firm and Karin Henriksson, co-founder of WhistleB. Rebecka specialises in labour law and has extensive experience of helping clients to manage and investigate whistleblowing cases. Karin co-founded WhistleB, part of Navex Global, a secure, technical whistleblowing platform that helps organisations manage whistleblowing cases and comply with the requirements of the new Swedish Whistleblower Protection law. 

In the film, Rebecka and Karin discuss questions such as:

  1. How does the proposed Swedish law differ from the European Directive?
  2. Which external authorities will the whistleblower be able to report to for external reporting? 
  3. Can organisations limit the kind of misconduct that can be reported?
  4. How is “an independent person” defined? 
  5. What measures will companies that already have a whistleblowing function need to take pursuant to the new law?
  6. How should companies with at least 50 employees that don’t have a whistleblower system in place be preparing?

The film has been recorded in Swedish and has English sub-titles. It is approximately 25 minutes long, just a short investment of your time to learn about the new Swedish Whistleblower Protection law from leading experts.

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