Digital whistleblowing systems – a tool in the HR toolbox

February 27, 2019

How can digital whistleblowing systems be a competitive advantage in HR management? There is tough competition for attracting the best talent, and today, the younger generation is more likely to select an employer whose values match their own.  This is also the case for retaining talent; a company’s employees tend to be more loyal if they feel they are in a workplace where they know they are safe, where ethics are taken seriously.

whistleblowing system

This was clearly confirmed to us when we presented our whistleblowing service at a major HR event here in Stockholm recently. The event was arranged by Microsoft Sweden and attracted hundreds of HR managers. Companies endeavour to have engaged loyal employees, and there are many ways that they can achieve that. One thing is for sure – having a solid ethical compass is key, but this has to be made tangible to the employees, and it’s here that we see digital whistleblowing systems playing their part.

When we put market knowledge and input from HR managers together with the recent #Metoo campaign, we’re inclined to say that what we’re currently seeing is a grass-roots movement. A more aware labour force has spoken out – and what it wants is ethical business.

This groundswell reminds me of the time when sustainability became a key business driver, in the early 2000’s.  I was there myself and both Karin and I worked with leaders who were committed to taking a leading position when it came to sustainability, at that point in time, with a focus on climate change.

What is different now, however, is that new digital whistleblowing systems provide opportunities to respond in new ways. Forward-thinking leaders can harness the demand for more ethically sound business practices with the power of digital tools to differentiate their organisations and attract the right talent.

As an example, leaders who take business ethics seriously will already have a robust code of conduct in place. Above and beyond that though, they will be able to point to systems and efficient digital tools that underpin and follow up on their code of conduct. They will have implemented online solutions that systematically enable excellence and good business ethics within their daily operations. One such tool is a secure, digital whistleblowing system, that both gives their employees a voice and invites them to be accountable in creating more ethical workplaces.


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