Digital whistleblowing + customer focus = WhistleB

March 10, 2020

Today I was again thrilled by how well our digital whistleblowing service is received by our customers.  It is so satisfying to receive a new e-contact from the other side of the globe, agree on a plan and have a new customer happily up and running with a secure, easy-to-use system the next day. Satisfying for us, but more importantly, satisfying for our customers. What a difference with the analogue days when customers had to spend time learning, discussing, configuring, customising…

So, what point am I making here? WhistleB’s value proposition to our customers is Excellent customer experience at every stage. Not long ago I was asked if our value proposition really goes hand-in-hand with our strong focus on digitalisation. And the simple answer is yes! No doubt. Digitalisation actually better enables us to deliver excellent customer experience at every stage.

Digitalisation helps us get closer to the customer. It allows easier, more personal two-way communication with the customer that helps us understand their needs sooner – sometimes before they do. It means we can streamline and refine our processes so that our service exactly matches what our customers need, in their time zones, their languages, their working environment and their tools.

A digital whistleblowing service is a route to deeper customer relationships and increased customer value. At WhistleB it is our customer relationship team at our Helsinki hub that manages all our global customers. I talked to my colleague Ida Vanhanen, responsible for implementation management, about how she sees the digitalisation of our services delivering greater value to customers.

“For us it is of course a challenge to continuously enhance processes so that they become as intuitive and simple as possible. But digitalising our services helps us make progress, for the benefit of our customers. Implementations can be quicker and more efficient. Interaction processes can be seamless. We can also get direct feedback and develop the service step by step together with our customers. Of course, it’s essential that we are always on hand for those customers that need us.”

Our customer-oriented team in Helsinki and our digital whistleblowing service combined are clearly hitting the spot for customers. We can proudly say that we have high customer satisfaction levels and new customers joining us.

And it’s fun too. Digitalisation requires us to be personal and behave as if we were meeting customers IRL (in real life) – and we love it! We meet people from all over the globe, just a click away, bringing such amazing business opportunities.

The further along we go on our digitalisation journey, the more obvious it gets that the journey is never-ending. Monitoring customer behaviour and refining our processes almost in real time now need to become business-as-usual to continue competing in the digital world – and staying ahead with our secure, digital whistleblowing service.

Would you like to find out more about digital whistleblowing solutions?

Gunilla Hadders
Founder and Partner at WhistleB
46 (0)70 214 88 73


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