WhistleB Partnership Programme

Grow your business with WhistleB's LegalTech solution

Organisations across the EU are looking for whistleblowing services to comply with upcoming national laws, driven by the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive. Increase demand for your expertise by offering WhistleB's whistleblowing solution.

Why WhistleB?

  • Solutions designed to comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive

  • Easily integrated with your service offer and fully scalable

  • State-of-the-art data security, adaptability and user friendliness

  • Used in 150+ jurisdictions and trusted by hundreds of organisations

  • Part of NAVEX Global, the worlds #1 GRC solution provider

What WhistleB offers its Partners:




The simple, secure whistleblowing system

WhistleB provides a user-friendly whistleblowing service that employees and external stakeholders can use to report suspected ethical and compliance-related misconduct. The WhistleB solution consists of a Reporting channel and a Case management tool.

Why partner up with WhistleB?

As a WhistleB partner you will benefit from WhistleB’s leading whistleblowing system that enables you and your clients to receive and manage whistleblower cases securely and efficiently.

Business growth

Grow your business and unlock new opportunities. Increase demand for your expertise with WhistleB’s whistleblowing solution.

Expansion of service offer

Expand your range of services. Be part of the rapidly growing niche market of whistleblowing-related services.


Access our expertise. Stay up to date on all aspects of whistleblowing, both legal and practical.

Global network

As part of NAVEX Global, we can tap into thousands of customer organisations all over the world. Our platform enables you to profile your complementary expertise.

Marketing support

We can boost your marketing efforts, and provide you with a free licence to the WhistleB solution for demonstration purposes.

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How it works


WhistleB and potential new partners assess how our services complement each other


We agree the structure of our partnership, based on the specific needs of clients


The partnership is launched


We continually improve our offer to maximize success

You'll be in good company

Don’t just take it from us. This is what our partners say about working with WhistleB.

SKW Schwarz

"The WhistleB software is as plug & play as it can get: Easy to handle, no explanation needed and …it just works!"


"As I see it, WhistleB has succeeded in making a system with the highest security standard and simplified an otherwise complex system. This has been a decisive factor for us in choosing WhistleB over other suppliers."

Vangard | Littler

"Our clients in Germany and across Europe will benefit deeply from the services integrated within this tool."

Partnership FAQs

Are there any costs involved in becoming a WhistleB partner?

No, there is no direct cost associated with becoming a WhistleB partner.

Does WhistleB demand exclusivity?

We do not demand exclusivity from our partners. You remain free to work with other software providers and to pick any solution from the entire NAVEX Global suite, depending on the needs of your clients.

Which complementary services should I provide?

The complementary service you offer in relation to our solution depends on your area of expertise. For example, our partners offer services such as (forensic) investigations and compliance consultancy.

What expertise is typically demanded by WhistleB customers?

WhistleB customers regularly seek assistance with issues relating to labour law, data protection, investigations, fraud, white-collar crime, governance, and forensic investigations.

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