WhistleB Partnership Programme

Achieve success with NAVEX WhistleB – become a partner today

Organizations across the EU and beyond are seeking whistleblowing services to comply with upcoming and evolving national laws. Strengthen your expertise, nurture confidence in your business and unlock new potential by offering the NAVEX WhistleB whistleblowing system as a trusted partner of NAVEX.

Why choose NAVEX WhistleB?

  • NAVEX WhistleB aligns with national regulations, including the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

  • Easy setup alongside existing service offerings

  • Flexible to your business and able to scale with growth

  • State-of-the-art data security and protections

  • NAVEX solutions are trusted by over 13,000 organizations globally

  • A solution by NAVEX – the leader in global GRC solutions

What NAVEX WhistleB offers its partners




A simple, secure whistleblowing system

NAVEX WhistleB is an accessible, easy-to-use whistleblowing case management and reporting channel system that employees and external stakeholders can rely on to report concerns.

Why partner with NAVEX WhistleB?

As a WhistleB partner you will benefit from WhistleB’s leading whistleblowing system that enables you and your clients to receive and manage whistleblower cases securely and efficiently.

Business growth

Expand your business and seize new opportunities to bring value to your customers.

Broaden your service offerings

Tap into the thriving market of whistleblowing-related services, enhancing your portfolio and offering and helping your customers prioritize integrity.

Gain access to expert knowledge

Stay informed on all aspects of whistleblowing, both legal and practical, with direct access to our resources and expertise.

Benefit from our global reach

Connect with thousands of customer organizations worldwide to showcase your complementary skills and products.

Focused marketing support

Boost your marketing efforts with help from our team of experts – and enjoy a free license for NAVEX WhistleB to demo how it all works.

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The partnership process


We meet with potential new partners to evaluate how our services complement each other.


We discuss what value the partnership would bring to our clients, focusing on their goals and how NAVEX WhistleB could be a part of their offering.


The magic happens! We collaborate with our new partners to identify and nurture new opportunities.


We continuously optimize our approach, offerings and resources to maximize success for all parties.

You'll be in good company

Don’t just take it from us. This is what our partners say about working with WhistleB.

SKW Schwarz

"The WhistleB software is as plug & play as it can get: Easy to handle, no explanation needed and …it just works!"


"As I see it, WhistleB has succeeded in making a system with the highest security standard and simplified an otherwise complex system. This has been a decisive factor for us in choosing WhistleB over other suppliers."

Vangard | Littler

"Our clients in Germany and across Europe will benefit deeply from the services integrated within this tool."

Partnership FAQs

Are there any costs involved in becoming a WhistleB partner?

No, there is no direct cost associated with becoming a WhistleB partner.

Does WhistleB demand exclusivity?

We do not demand exclusivity from our partners. You remain free to work with other software providers and to pick any solution from the entire NAVEX Global suite, depending on the needs of your clients.

Which complementary services should I provide?

The complementary service you offer in relation to our solution depends on your area of expertise. For example, our partners offer services such as (forensic) investigations and compliance consultancy.

What expertise is typically demanded by WhistleB customers?

WhistleB customers regularly seek assistance with issues relating to labour law, data protection, investigations, fraud, white-collar crime, governance, and forensic investigations.

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