About us

WhistleB is a global whistleblowing service provider and ethics & compliance expert, helping customers foster a safer and more transparent working climate. We are a fast-growing company and the WhistleB service is currently used in more than 150 countries.


Our Story

WhistleB was founded in 2011. From the start, our goal has been to provide a whistleblowing service with industry-leading security and user-friendliness. We are grateful for the confidence that our customers have placed in us, across all continents.

We always aim to stay ahead. Therefore, we are constantly developing the WhistleB service to exceed our customers’ expectations. Through the WhistleB Expert and Partner network we want to create customer value by working together with leading compliance and forensic investigation experts to support our customers when they need it.

2011 WhistleB founded in Stockholm

2012 Microsoft partnership, aiming for market-leading security

2016 Used on all continents, in 50 languages

2017 ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant, trusted by multi-national corporations around the world

2018 Welcomed many new customers. Customer care office established in Helsinki.


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The team

Gunilla Hadders

Founding Partner and Senior Advisor

Karin Henriksson

Founding Partner and Senior Advisor

Bengt Olof Hansson

Executive Chairman

Jan Tadeusz Stappers

Legal Counsel

Ingmar Frey Advisor

Advisor and Regional Manager

Claudio Interdonato

Senior Advisor and Regional Manager

Jorge Secaf

Senior Advisor and Country Manager

Radwa El-Hakim

Office Manager

Micheal Akampa

Advisor and Regional Manager

Annika Bossius


Ana Paula P. Candeloro

Head of the Experts´ Council, South America

Jenny Askfelt Ruud

Senior Advisor, Business Ethics, Partner to WhistleB

Maria Karlsson

Senior Advisor, Business Ethics, Partner to WhistleB

Dr. Rüdiger Theiselmann

Advisor and Regional manager, Partner to WhistleB

Gaby Baaijens

Advisor and Regional manager, Partner to WhistleB

WhistleB values, mission and vision

Customer dedication – We promise our customers the best possible service. 

Staying ahead – We offer our customers a cutting-edge solution and top expertise. 

Industry-leading security – We provide our customers a secure service, which builds trust.

Our core values help us to achieve our mission: Whistleblowing made trustworthy. And they help to create customer value through our vision: To foster safer and more transparent workplaces.

UN Global compactSince 2019 WhistleB has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.


WhistleB Sustainability report » 

WhistleB Code of Conduct – Pocket edition » 

Certification: WhistleB Carbon neutral company » 

WhistleB Advisory Board

Michaela Ahlberg Ethics & Compliance specialist. Former Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Telia Company. Michaela was responsible for building the compliance work at Telia Company after the Uzbekistan corruption scandal.

Biörn Riese Advocate. Specialist in corporate governance and sustainability, with a special focus on anti-corruption and risk management. Biörn has extensive experience in counselling boards in crisis management and during investigations, for example Nordea’s involvement in Panama Papers.

WhistleB Advisory Board and Gunilla Hadders.



Become a partner

All partnerships are unique, and true partnership is built only when joint efforts lead to shared goals and increased customer value.

We have built successful partnerships with experts helping our customers to set up their compliance programmes and to handle forensic investigations and discovery processes for a range of issues, including corruption, anti-trust and discrimination.

The same partners benefit from expanding their own service portfolio with a modern whistleblowing system. Since we want our partners to succeed, they are backed up by continuous technical, legal and sales support.

Contact us to learn more about the WhistleB Expert and Partner Network and expand your service portfolio with a modern whistleblowing system.


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