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Protecting organizations and prioritizing workplace integrity

At NAVEX WhistleB, we help organizations listen.

Often, all the information business leaders need to identify risk, safeguard their organization and demonstrate integrity is readily available within the business. The key to unlocking this valuable information is found in how they handle issues big and small and how they connect with the people who keep the business running.

Just as often, it’s not speaking up that’s the problem – it’s whether the organization has what it needs to listen.

That’s where NAVEX WhistleB comes in.

The premise is simple: NAVEX WhistleB helps you protect your organization by offering a compliant, secure and easy-to-use whistleblowing service at an accessible cost.

It’s the tool of choice for small to medium-sized organizations across Europe to meet regulatory requirements and efficiently manage the whistleblowing journey, from a reporter raising a concern to its conclusion – and everything in between.

Our story

We have always been committed to offering a compliant, online whistleblowing service that equally prioritizes industry-leading security and ease of use.

To be certain that NAVEX WhistleB continues to deliver meaningful outcomes, we are also committed to continuously improving the experiences of its users.

During their compliance journey with us, our customers also gain access to the expertise and knowledge of trusted risk and compliance experts from around the globe through the NAVEX WhistleB Partner Program

2011  WhistleB founded in Stockholm.

2012  Microsoft partnership, aiming for market-leading security.

2019  WhistleB becomes part of the NAVEX suite of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions.

2020  Launched NAVEX WhistleB Core – our ready-to-launch whistleblowing system.

NAVEX WhistleB values, mission and vision

At NAVEX, we aim to help you safeguard your organization and create a safer, more transparent workplace. Our range of whistleblowing solutions are designed to help your organization achieve meaningful outcomes in compliance with regulatory requirements – no matter its size or reach.

Our vision aligns with this mission: a world where whistleblowing is both effective and effortless. With NAVEX solutions, honesty, trust and integrity are easily supported – and confidentiality, security and compliance are integral to managing whistleblowing from the moment someone submits a report.

Through our solutions and how NAVEX operates, we commit to fostering responsible corporate practices and positively impacting the world.


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