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Prevent wrongdoings before they occur. Follow up on your code of conduct. Receive early warnings through a user-friendly whistleblowing system with state of the art security. That’s what users in more than 150 countries trust the WhistleB whistleblowing system for. You choose the whistleblowing system plan that meets your requirements on functionality and support level. When your organisation changes, so can your whistleblowing system, as it is designed to adapt easily to your needs over time.

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  • Secure and compliant with ISO 27001 & the GDPR
  • Easy to set up and fully customisable
  • Global service: available in 50 languages
  • Expert support and more than 20 years of experience

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Benefit from investigative sup-port via our global WhistleB expert network.  Learn more »


Receive training and learn best practices on how to handle ethically challenging whistle-blower cases. Learn more »


Achieve long-term success by improving the transparency and ethical conduct of your organisation.  Learn more »


Use our secure two-way com-munication platforms for incid-dent reporting and follow-up. Learn more »

WhistleB Media & Blog

Owners blog: How to set up an efficient whistleblowing system?

What can companies do to set up an effective whistleblowing system? I was recently interviewed by the Swedish online news channel SvD (link). The background to the interview was that despite warnings from employees and the presence of a whistleblowing function, high...

”Förväntar sig att företag tar ansvar när det larmas” | SvD

Co-Founder Gunilla Hadders discusses whistleblowing in the Swedish Ekonomistudion, SvD news channel. Lagstiftningen kringvisselblåsarfunktioner på företag har blivit skarpare. Branschen växer och fler aktörer erbjuder lösningar som ska underlätta för företagen att slå...

Whistleblowing Not a Trend, But a New Standard

WHISTLEB GUEST BLOGGER: WhistleB contributs to the ACFE - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Insights section as a guest blogger by sharing the results of the 2018 customer study on organisational whistleblowing. The blog summarises the main findings of...

Owners blog September

Whistleblowing in the spotlight - Conclusions of WhistleB´s yearly customer study.  Three years ago, we started to methodologically survey our customers about their whistleblowing practices. It was the birth of the WhistleB annual customer study on organisational...

Whistleblower protection

Cambridge Analytica. Panama Papers. Luxleaks. Scandals caused by a lack of transparency show that whistleblowers can play an important role in uncovering activities that damage the “public interest and the welfare of our citizens and society.” This is how the European...

Avoimuudella tuloksellista liiketoimintaa – työkaluna whistleblowing

Avoimuuden hyötyjä Yritysten ja julkisen sektorin toiminnan läpinäkyvyys ja avoimuus ovat monelle sidosryhmälle yhä tärkeämpi asia. Avoimuus on tunnetusti tekijä, jolla aikaansaadaan luottamusta. Luottamuksella rakennetaan sitoutumista. Ilman luottamusta ei synny...

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