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Whistleblowing system to protect your long-term success

Prevent wrongdoings before they occur and foster transparency with a trustworthy whistleblowing system. With years of experience on a global scale, we understand your challenges and your goals. Your ultimate target is to have a whistleblowing system that is used and understood by your people. It needs to be flexible and user friendly, with the highest security standards.

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The WhistleB whistleblower system is designed by our customers for our customers. You choose the whistleblowing plan that meets your requirements on functionality and support level. When your organisation changes, so can your whistleblowing system.

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  • Global – used in 150 countries

  • Secure – ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant

  • User-friendly – easy to set up & customise

We want to keep things simple for you.
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WhistleB whistleblowing plans

  • Small & Medium
  • TO GO

Tried-and-tested whistleblowing system. Ready-to-launch.

  • Anonymous dialogue, up to 500 users
  • Standard Communication channel, 2 languages
  • Medium & Large

Customisable & multilingual whistleblowing system.

  • Anonymous dialogue, up to 10 000 users
  • Customisable Communication channel
  • Support for efficient implementation
  • Unlimited

Tailored whistleblowing system, through dedicated support.

  • Anonymous dialogue, unlimited number of users
  • Customisable Communication channel in all languages
  • Advanced case management & adaptable to your organisation
  • Full implementation support by key account team

You are in good company

WhistleB Blog and Media

SvD: Sexuella trakasserier bör lagföras som korruption

Svenska Dagbladet belyser diskussionen om att sexuella trakasserier bör lagföras på motsvarande sätt som korruption vad gäller företagaransvar. Företagsledare har inte någon riktig morot till förändring. Båda faller inom en gråzon som ofta är svår att påvisa och mäta....

WhistleB opens Helsinki office

Good news – we’ve opened a new office in Helsinki! As owners of a whistleblowing services company, our days are often spent discussing ethics, compliance, integrity and other such serious matters. So we are very happy to indulge a few words here on our growth, new...

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